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The Taobao Registration Form – A Closer Look

Need another hint about sign-up? Here is a brief overview.


1. Username: in English or Chinese – either is okay. You can enter from 5-20 characters. Click the button underneath to see if the name is available.

2. Password: 6-16 characters Make it a good one (with a number and a symbol) Otherwise Taobao will bother you to change it all the time.

3. Enter your password again: the tiny blue triangle in the text box will turn green if the passwords match, and red if they don’t match

4. E-mail address: Expect to get some e-mail at this address. Taobao sends transaction updates and sometimes ads, all in Chinese. It is not a high volume. But if you have several e-mail accounts and prefer to keep one “clean”, then you may want to give them your “dirty” e-mail address.

5. And enter your e-mail address again: Again, the triangle in the text box will verify that you entered correctly.

6. Type the Captcha letters that you see: If the letters you get are unreadable, you can click on the text link just to the right to get a new set.

7. Leave the checkbox checked: This automatically creates a Zhifubao account for you. Zhifubao is like Paypal, a secure online payment system, and is the easiest way to pay for your Taobao purchases.

8. Click the big Submit button: When all your little triangles are green, you are good to go.

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  • purplesocks said:

    I have a question…when i first registered I wasn’t sure of what the check box was for so I unchecked it. How do i redeem that problem now?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hi PurpleSocks,

    Here’s what you can do. First check to see if you can log into alipay.com with your email address and Taobao password. If that works, than you are already good to go.

    If you can’t log in, follow this guide to Registering for an Alipay Account.

    Good luck and let us know if you hit anything unexpected!

  • mittel said:

    i cant register.
    i get 2 options.
    with or without mobile number.
    If i go for first option it prompts me to download a plugin.I think its for non explorer users.I downloaded it and even installed it but still i get the message to download the plugin.I can’t get any further.
    i even tried the one with mobile number.I even got a working chinese number to fill in.But now it asks for verification code that taobao sends to the mobile number.Can you help me out?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Mittel, you can register alipay in both ways. i think the first problem you meet is the plugin installation failure. It happens A LOT when you’re not using windows IE, since TFG can’t fix the plugin, we always have to suggest you use IE for taobao…. if you use mobile to register, alipay will send a message to your phone, it contains a verification code, just input the code you see in the message (to confirm that’s your correct phone number), then you can just go on and set the password and user info for your account.

  • Sharla said:


    I am having the same issue as mentioned in previous comment. Could this be because I have a Mac computer? There are plug in etc to install but with file extension .exe I’m not able to

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Sharla, that’s probably true. Try use a PC to register if you can. =)

  • tanial said:

    I tried to register-do not work, all fields turn with green check, but the Captcha letters even the most simple one and the one that I can distinguish for sure-keep showing in red:( why?


    Whenever I enter it it says the verification code is incorrect….

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Tanial, sounds to me you were not using IE or windows? It’s a incompatibility issue with the Taobao security plug in. currently there’s no way around it but to use IE in windows system.

  • laobanniang said:

    sounds to me you were not using IE or windows? It’s a incompatibility issue with the Taobao security plug in. currently there’s no way around it but to use IE in windows system.

  • Ally said:

    Hi, I’m getting the same thing on the registration page, it always says I typed in the wrong captcha characters. I was using Firefox initially, so I switched to IE, same thing. I’m already on Windows. I’m going to restart my laptop and see if that makes a difference..

  • Ally said:

    Ok, finally got through it. Restarted my laptop, opened IE, clicked on the “please login” (请登记)link from the taobao.com homepage (cuz I thought it was the new member sign up button), was prompted to install an activex plugin, did that, then looked for the new member sign-up page, went through the steps, and bam, got through. 🙂

  • laobanniang said:

    Congrats Ally! Thanks for the field report! =)

  • Gloria said:

    I have tried registering but the first time it said the passwords wrong then several goes saying the codes wrong and now my msn is wrong. but i make sure it is correct.
    I am using a windows based and IE computer but still doesnt work?
    please help ive got a whole basket of stuff i need to buy!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Gloria, I’m sorry I’ve no idea what could be wrong here. If anyone else here have met the same problem, and know how to solve it, please kindly share your experience with Gloria! Thanks!

  • Gloria said:

    do you think taobao can make me a account?

  • Gloria said:

    Is there nothing you can do to help? im desperate for a account to by my stuff, please

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey Gloria!
    That’s a tricky problem you have – one beyond our diagnostics. But don’t worry! I bet you Taobao Customer service can help you get your account sorted out. Taobao Customer Service can be reached at 0571 – 88157858

    PS – You are located in China, yes? If not, you will need to go through a Taobao Agent.

  • LoriAnn said:

    Just wanted to note that the sign-up screen is slightly changed now (different order & slightly adjusted wording) —

    电子邮箱 (email address, just once):
    会员名 (username):
    登录密码 (password):
    确认密码 (confirm password):
    验证码 (CAPTCHA):

    and then the 用该邮箱创建支付宝账户 (Zhifubao sign-up) checkbox.

    However, I’m on a Mac and also can’t get past the CAPTCHA. If I register on a friend’s PC, will I have to use it every time I buy on Taobao, or is the plugin issue only for registering?

  • LoriAnn said:

    Update: didn’t have any problem with the CAPTCHA once I used the link http://member1.taobao.com/member/newbie.htm to sign-up. Good for other Mac users to note!

  • laobanniang said:

    Thanks for the tip LoriAnn!! We really appreciate it!!

  • luci said:

    I can’t get beyond the register screen 1 as captcha logo has a red error box next to it which says 填表项数据异常,请刷新后重新注册。
    tried about 9 times and no way to progress through!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Luci, Looks like it’s caused by the security plug-in, please check out our FAQ for details.

  • Crystal tlk said:

    Help me plz!!
    I cant finish my Registration with new form of Taobao registration

    Taobao has changed new form of Registration
    and i choose to get confirm by email but after i write my email, it always ask for confirm by Mobile phone…
    damn, I dont have Chinese or Hongkong phone number to fill the form…

    How can I create a new account with new form???
    Help me plzzz

  • Crystal tlk said:

    why dont help me but delete my comment?????????????

  • marian said:

    i was able to translate the taobao web page into english but i can’t get pass the registration page. it does not accept my member id..:(( does it really accept english names? please help! i really want to shop at taobao!:((

  • Raluca said:

    I have the same problem as Crystal tlk, I don’t know how to finish my registration since I don’t have a valid phone number to enter.
    Please help!

  • DZ said:

    It appears the taobao sign up page has changed and no longer matches this page. I figured it out but it had a “system error” anytime I tried to enter my email.

  • Rafael said:

    I’m trying to create an account, but the website asks a phone number. How should I proceed?

  • SilverStars said:

    The website asks for my phone number too. I have put in two different phone numbers and they havnt sent the 校验码 thing to either of them…
    Also, does anyone know if you can pay for the items when they arrive at your doorstep?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    This is a screen shot of a page and the circled box is the box you need to hit that will change your search for, “pay at door”

  • Raul Luiz said:

    I’m crazy looking for oppen an account on Taobao, but everytime that I tryed it Taobao ask for a chinese mobile number. I’m live in Brazil and do not have any Chinese mobile number, anybody knows a form to oppen Taobao account without use mobile? Could help me to start to buy there?

  • magda said:

    Hi there,

    I have the same problem problem! they keep asking for a chinese no.
    what to do?

  • John said:

    Hi I got pass the phone number, but why taobao not sending me a confirmation email. It said that it send but I wait a long time and did not get anything

  • Helen said:

    Can you advise how to register without a phone number. It didn’t give me a choice of verification by email only. After I entered my email, a popup keeps saying they want a phone number. Please advise.

  • kerry said:

    how to register malaysia phone number, i try many time already……

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