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Taobao’s Model Delivery Service

Taobao, Model Delivery ServiceTaobao, is China’s number one online shopping portal, but there’s still plenty of potential growth in the market. That’s because China’s netizen population is still only 500 million people, that’s right – only 500 million. With 1.3 billion folks in the country, it’s possible to double that number and there’s a whole lot more shopping to be had when that happens.

So to incentivize potentially reluctant Chinese chaps to get busy ordering cool stuff, the company has announced a new delivery strategy. In one of those moments of brilliant viral marketing, Taobao has hired a host of honeys to bring products to your door step. That’s right from now on, when you buy your wife some new hair curlers – they’ll be shucked to your doorstep by a delectable young model. Well, at least they will be if you’re willing to cough up an extra 10 quai for the privilege.

It’s not clear whether the lovely ladies will be from the Tao Girls site, another Taobao owned site, where girls advertise themselves for modeling work.

Given that Taobao is the country’s 3rd most visited site, this seems like a cunning plan to keep the traffic flowing. Of course the enormous attention the offer has garnered in China’s mainstream media can’t hurt either.

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