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Taobao Tests TV Home Shopping

Coming up on March the 6th through to the 8th, there’s a whole new side of TV taking place on Taobao/Tmall. If you’ve ever watched TV, and thought; “I really like that coat/jacket/etc.” but you’ve got no idea where to begin tracking it down – this is an experiment for you.

This time when someone appears on screen wearing something cool, a link will pop up beside the item – enabling you to buy it from the Tmall stores. It’s not a perfect trial, given that the programming was specially shot for the site, and is a showcase of 30 different women’s clothing brands but it is a great start.

The technology is pretty cool too, it uses “dynamic image recognition” to spot the togs in a clip and then match them with the appropriate e-store, and that means a click of the link and you can pick up the item in no time. Of course, if there’s no match – the site is only too happy to offer up some similar alternative products.

This wasn’t the first trial of the technology, that came last month but only with underwear – this is the first time its been tested on a fully clothed body. Good work Tmall.

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