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Taobao Offers New Shipping Packages


Mom, I’m so mad at you!

My family always used newspaper to wrap birthday gifts. No that’s not quite right. We were too cheap to subscribe to a newspaper. We used junk mail – grocery store circulars and The Penny Saver – to wrap birthday gifts. When I received a new Nintendo game (probably the most joyous moments I ever felt as a kid) the gift wrapping’s announcement of ground beef at $1.09 per pound always took just a little bit of the joy away. 

Now I give myself presents, thank you very much

But unfortuantely, the gift wrapping is still handled by cheap people. Taobao Sellers will use anything and everything to package your products. When you order your new camera, you may get a little insight into what type of chicken bullion cubes the Seller uses. Too often on Taobao, that new-stuff excitement is mitigated by the shabby appearance of the outer packaging. 


Taobao wants to bring the magic back

Look forward to happiness, everybody! Now Taobao is offering these sweet packages to any Seller who is interested, free. Sellers can order up to 400 boxes in various sizes. They look great and deliver that fantastic Taobao brand magic. Don’t be surprised if you see these wrapping up your stuff in the near future. A sweet cherry on top of your    

Taobao will control all

We reported before about how Taobao was going to lay a major smackdown on kuaidi companies. Well this seems to be one more step in that direction, of adding some consistency into their value chain. These boxes will also now be conspicously visible on the backs of kuaidi bicycles across the nation, like a radioactive dye in China’s bloodstream.

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