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While TFG is on hiatus, other great websites are picking up the slack. Here is a review of Taobao-related updates around the web in the past couple weeks.

City Weekend creates their own version of TFG

City Weekend is stepping all over my turf. At least they are doing a good job of it. They currently have a complete guide to getting your Taobao moving. And some of the craziest crazy shit for sale on Taobao. Kudos to you, City Weekend! And consider this your last warning.

Taobao 101 on City Weekend

Weird Shit you can Buy From Taobao on City Weekend

Shanghaiist reports on the new Taobao supermarket

Our dear, dear friends at Shanghaiist have broken the very exciting news that Taobao has launched an online supermarket,  starting in Shanghai.  Forget Carrefour! Forget Century Mart. And maybe forget City Shop?   Delivery is free for purchases above RMB100 and your package is guaranteed to arrive within 24 hours.

God bless you, Shanghaiist.

Taobao launches travel portal with flying pigs

Chinasmack takes a break from reporting on naked people going nuts to tell us about Taobao’s new advertising campaign for trip.taobao.com.  The launch’s ad campaign features flying pigs.  For us English-speakers, Ctrip will continue to be a much better option for booking our hotels and air tickets.

Thanks to Chinasmack for the happy link back to TFG!

WSJ (and others) report on ‘Christmas Romance for Sale’

This clever guy promoted his cosmetics shop by selling himself for Christmas romance, and will even give a Xmas gifts (an iPad!). In the report, this revelation: Recent years have seen a surge in online advertisements from twenty- and thirty-something Chinese seeking members of the opposite sex to pose as fake boyfriends or girlfriends for the Spring Festival and other big holidays. TFG would like to report that I am free for the Spring Festival!  Cute, vulnerable women, please inquire via our contact form to learn more.

Cheers, WSJ

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