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Taobao Electronics Mall – Rumor Confirmed

A few weeks back we reported an exclusive rumor that Taobao was planning to launch a dedicated B2C consumer electronics platform.

We were right

And it feels so good. 3c.taobao.com is now online serving up a streamlined shopping experience. Run your purchases through the Taobao Electronics Mall and you won’t need to do a lot of comparison shopping.

taobao electronics mall

For example, I bought this sweet HDTV a few weeks ago only after thorough investigation. Totally unnecessary now. The Taobao Electronics Mall gives me a pretty good price and thorough reliability. Shipping included in the price, and guaranteed 7-day unconditional return. All the good stuff.

sweet hdtv

I love you TH-P42S10C. I love you so much!

Go for it

If you have been waiting for a slightly easier, slightly more secure option for your Taobao shopping, you found it! Live the feeling!

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  • MoJoJo said:

    I did recently try to buy a Cam from 3c.taobao.com but after ordering the dealer said it was out stock and when I checked again he had hiked the price for CNY.

    I thought taobao was directly selling the goods to the people but it same as the earlier model just that the searching may be little less.

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