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Taobao Begins Same-Day Delivery in Shanghai

A Sense of Urgency

Being the Supreme Taobao Expert that I am, I try to do all my shopping online. But sometimes I just need a product right away. Maybe a new duffel bag for my trip tomorrow, or some blueberries for my pancakes in the morning.

In the past, this meant some urgent negotiation with the Taobao seller to see how fast he could ship and how confident he was in his kuaidi service. Or, I did the unthinkable and bought from an actual store.

Hearing my silent cries for help, Taobao has rolled out a new initiative that removes the negotiation and guarantees that speedy JIT delivery.

taobao shanghai same day shipping

Here is how it works

  • Order before noon, get it by 7:00PM
  • Order before 5:30PM, and get it by noon the following day
  • Shipping costs will be below 6rmb, unless you have ordered something heavy (~over 3kg)
  • If the product is late, and you have already consumed your pancakes without the blueberries, simply tell the kuaidi guy to take it back (don’t sign for it), and fill out the easy refund form.

How to find eligible fast-delivery products

To find products that will be delivered the same day in Shanghai, just add the following keywords to any search:


Go ahead and click in now, and bookmark it for easy access later. Just add your own keywords to find the stuff you need. (Remember to add a space in between.)

taobao shanghai same day shipping 2

This is a new program, and at the time of writing, there were 21,000 participating products. But if kuaidi can keep up with the speedy deliveries, I expect that this fast delivery guarantee will catch on to more products and more cities. Keep your fingers crossed, Beijing!

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