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The clever folks at Taobao have finally woken up to the possibilities of combining their shopping service with a dedicated browser. The idea is that the new browser platform delivers a certain amount of additional security when you spend, as well as boosting the shopping experience for the hard core purchaser.

The browser has only been around for a couple of months and the latest version is 1.0.14. In addition to Baidu and Google, it lets you search using eTao directly in the browser and unsurprisingly the default home page is also Taobao related. At the moment it’s not clear as to whether this is a replacement of the old partnership project between Taobao and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or a parallel project designed to appeal to a different user base.

You’ll find that the browser works on all platforms including smartphones, and that’s good news because one of the coolest features of this browser – is in built gesture control. So if you flick your finger in an L-shape (or your mouse on a PC) – you’ll close the current tab.

There’s a strong emphasis on security certificate validation to prevent users from being scammed by dummy/fake sites. Which is pretty handy when you consider the somewhat unscrupulous nature of some of the internet’s *ahem* businesspeople.

The bad news? Currently the support for the browser doesn’t include English but if you’re confident in your Putonghua – you can download the browser from here. Then you can shop until your heart’s content.

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