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Angry Birds Opens a Shop on Tmall

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If you’ve been following the mobile game market, you can’t have missed Angry Birds. It’s the most popular game of the last 10 years for casual gamers. China like everywhere else in the world has fallen completely under its spell. In fact so much so that a couple of entrepreneurs tried to cash in on the trend and open their own “unofficial” theme park. It was good to see Rovio take a step back from legal action and work with these enterprising guys to make the endeavor work instead.

In the spirit of this Chinese enthusiasm, Taobao will now be marketing (via Tmall) the official Angry Birds shop online for China. This is in keeping with Rovio’s strategy to be more than just a games manufacturer, and more a wholesale entertainment provider that includes videos, comics, clothing and more.

Rovio’s first overseas base opened in Shanghai in 2011, and the company is set to make China work. The partnership with Tmall, which has over 50% of the online luxury market in the country, is one of many unique strategies for Rovio. Chinese consumers are set to benefit from real, verified Angry Birds merchandise, and Rovio from an even great revenue stream. A genuine win-win.

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