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McDonald’s Launches Online Outlet

mcdonalds-soundMcDonald’s launched its Taobao website today! It seems to have daily prizes, printable coupons and… music!  Edit: the suspect sound toggle pictured here actually controls the youtube video ad. Doh! My precious Google Chrome couldn’t handle the wacky javascript. I stand by my original criticism of rap versions of “I’m lovin’ it.”  

Also, the links to actually order food go to some Taobao Seller with the random name amingsa. This Seller has no feedback on except for four purchases, including one for World of Warcraft points.


  • DKwan said:

    No link?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    mcd.taobao.com is where you wanna go.

  • Xiaolong said:

    Just to update, they have added the option for international flights. Would also like to know if anyone has ever had issues with the sellers on buying tickets.

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