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iTunes Gift Cards Disappear, Reappear on Taobao

Update: iTunes stuff is back

Sorry you mischievous shoppers

It seems like those hacked iTunes gift cards were mostly removed from Taobao in a system-wide sweep. Well, mostly except for some rogue listings which are quickly catching sales before they are found and shut down. At time of writing, there was a sprint of listings all from the same Seller. 


He must type really fast. Once Taobao finds these, they will likely disappear too. 

Don’t get confused

There are other listings selling an iTunes store account number for the US or for China.  These will help you if you are trying to buy some region-locked iPhone applications. or something like that. Remember, if it says 帐号, it is an account number!


Other iTunes Stuff

If you still want to dig around Taobao for iTunes stuff, you will run across these eyeglasses. 



Or if you are interested in owning some rare collectibles, try these collectible iTunes branded Coca-Cola cans from Italy, which will cost you 200rmb (like $25) for some reason.


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