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Hacked iTunes Gift Cards

Chinese hackers threatening US interests!

I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter on Twitter about iTunes gift cards on Taobao. Apparently some Chinese hackers cracked the iTunes gift-card algorithm, and were able to generate codes themselves. These sold and now continue to sell for pennies on the dollar – $200 worth of iTunes credit is available for less than $3.


Not the first time

There was similar Twitter chatter about a month ago, when these cheap cards first surfaced. But that chatter abruptly ended when people discovered that their cards did not work. We’re not sure what the current status is – if they do or don’t work.

Taobao Field Guide does not endorse this kind of mischief!

Apple is likely hot on the case looking to close this loophole, if it is not already closed. One commenter speculated that they would invalidate ALL their gift cards, asking those who purchased real ones to trade them in, offering slightly more money for the trouble.

If you insist on being mischievous

If you want to pull some Apple-related mischief, we encourage you instead to create your own DIY MacBook for Less than 3000rmb. Now that’s a steal! More good info on the iTunes gift card hoodwinkery at AppleInsider.

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