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Cheap Hacked iTunes Gift Cards Return to Taobao

Are they here to stay? 

A while back we reported on the rash of hacked iTunes gift cards that had appeared on Taobao. These were $200 USD cards selling for as little as $0.25. It was total chaos! Then Taobao cleaned it up as best they could, and the hullabaloo settled down. But now, they have returned.

Is Apple Powerless to Stop It?

It seemed like iTunes would change the gift card algorithm that had been hacked to a fresh one, and that these cheap gift cards would disappear for good. Not so! It seems that Apple hasn’t invalidated the old codes, nor has it figured out how to change their algorithm without messing up all the legit cards that are already out there. 

Differentiating in a Crowded Market

iTunes Gift Cards have returned to Taobao, and are still selling strong. Right now there about 1,000 listings for the gift cards, all selling at very low prices. In such a crowded market, Sellers have had to differentiate themselves. For example, this Taobao seller has taken dog show photos to represent their brand. Adorable!


While this guy has chosen Obama to represent his iTunes Gift Certificates, with an open call to foreigners. But is that what Barack would do? Heck no! He wrote a book about honesty, or something. 


Good with Numbers

Chinese people seem to be very good at cracking these gift code algorithms. You can also find Xbox Live points and Playstation Network gift cards at a fraction of their face value. How do they do it!?


  • roy said:

    I want to buy $200 itunes card for 18 RMB . Can you show me how? I can’t read chinese

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey Roy. Buying stuff from Taobao is easy with the help of a good Taobao Agent.

    Check ’em out and shoot them an email.

  • nate said:

    has apple fixed this problem yet?

  • Kate Johnson said:

    Idiots… they don’t “Hack” the system… they steal peoples credit cards and buy them with their cc. they can’t fix it all together unless they totally disabled the whole buy with cc e-giftcard thing… this also happened with starbucks and a few other websites like that. i guess it only works with iTunes starbucks kohl and places like that cause their security system isn’t very good and they don’t catch it that the cards stolen… and you can buy the e-giftcard online with a cc… and turn the gift into an actual hard card… how do i know this? this dude once gave me 30,000 in starbucks and iTunes gift cards over a month… i thought he was just SUPER RICH… cause he was my sugar daddy he lived in vietnam and i never met him before(nor planned to, I’m not a hooker.) anyways i thought it was kinda weird he gave me all this crap without even WANTING to meet me…? so i did some research and caught him up about it… yea he’s a straight up scammer and even tried to get my info out of me i noticed later on what he REALLY needed it for. i know everything about this crap tho… ask me

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