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Can International Buyers Order from Taobao?

Can International Buyers Order from Taobao?

Yes! Buyers outside of China can buy from Taobao – but you will need some help with Communication, Shipping and Payment. We recommend using a good Taobao Agent – a service that specializes in helping people overseas buy from Taobao.

What does a Taobao Agent do?

They will help you communicate with the Taobao vendors, collect and check your goods to make sure there aren’t any quality defects, and consolidate your orders into a single, efficient shipment. They typically charge a percentage of your order as a commission, but it usually ends up being worth it when you compare the savings they can offer on international shipping, and all the hassle they help you avoid.


Does Taobao Ship Overseas?

Taobao is comprised of thousands of little shops, like eBay. They’ll ship anywhere, but usually don’t have experience sending things overseas. Taobao Agents will be able to save you a lot on international shipping. Agents send so many international packages that they get a bulk rate from shipping companies. This could save you as much as 60% on that postage.

If I didn’t want to use an agent, could I order direct from Taobao?

Wanna go rogue, eh? We admire your spirit! While there are now new options for international buyers to use Taobao and buy directly, the challenges of communication and potential for orders to be out-of-stock or otherwise mysteriously stuck at some step in the process, or other pitfalls.  We hear about a lot of problems from buyers who try to buy themselves in our comments, few to none problems from our buyers who use our great Taobao agents.

Taobao Agents handle all the Alipay payments for you, and provide you with an easy price quote in your preferred currency. We think the choice is easy:

Learn more about Taobao Agents – they’re friends of the Field Guide.