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Taobao Guides

This is a great starting point to begin your Taobao journey. You can finish shopping in minutes and could receive your treasure in as fast as one day. That’s the miracle of Taobao!

Register for Taobao and Add Money to Your Account

If you live in China, you owe it to yourself to get started with Taobao. Even if your don’t know much Chinese, you’ll be ready to buy in three easy steps.

How to Buy from Taobao

If you like to shop Taobao with no extra hassle, this is for you. This is the quick and dirty guide – the streamlined purchase process with no extra buttons. 

Advanced Taobao

When you’re ready to start exploring more of Taobao’s features, you can step up to these advanced steps.

Located outside of China?

You will want to check out our guide to Buying on Taobao from Overseas. 

The Field Guides are Always Evolving

Taobao is always expanding and improving. And so are we. We try to keep up to date with all the changes, but if you see anything different from how it’s presented in our guides, let us know.