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Warning: yoybuy.com Receives Complaints


Warnings come in about yoybuy.com

A reader from Australia has written in to warn us of a bad experience he had shopping with Taobao Agent yoybuy.com. Before we detail the complaint, let us say that to our knowledge yoybuy does a mostly decent job serving their customers (thanks for the reports from two satisfied yoybuy customers in the comments).

The issue

The complaint says that yoybuy took the buyer’s order and sent him a cheaper version of the product. The buyer had found a good vendor for his products on Taobao, and had been satisfied with previous orders, and even though he requested that yoybuy use that vendor, they did not, and the result was inferior products.

Any other reports?

If you have worked with Taobao agents before, let us know about your experiences!


  • alejandro said:

    But I think yoybuy’s service is good,and their staff are responsible and kindful.maybe every company has been criticized or praised,Do not make a fuss.

  • Kriss said:

    I am quite surprised to read about this issue. I have placed about 20 orders with Yoybuy for multiple items. Sometimes the agents would email me with pics of some items enquiring if they should return them to the taobao seller because they said there was a slight difference according to the pictures on the taobao ad. In my case, those differences were due to the cameras and different perception on their screens. In my computer the items looked exactly the same, so I always told them not to return them.

  • Ana Cebrian said:

    I am a regular customer. Once I ordered some scarves among other items. They were out of stock and the seller offered other ones. The Yoybuy agents told me they had refused to buy them because they were bad quality. I found similar ones which were cheaper, and Yoybuy bought them for me. This is one of my positive experiences with this company.

  • Dissappointed gal said:

    Some 3 weeks ago, I had used Yoybuy to purchase my products and made the initial payment after quotation of the items was emailed to me by the service staff. Few days after, I was also informed that some items were out of stock and I can either replace them or cancel the order. Also, I was informed that I need to add on to the initial payment for postage fees which according to the service staff was due to seller overlooking the postage fees. I refused to pay for this addtional fees as I personally feel that the initial payment should be the confirmed prices already. The service staff did not respond to my email after I requested for waiver and I had to post a message in Yoybuy website to get her to respond. Of course whatever negative messages u posted in their website will not be displayed, only the positive ones get shown. Anyway, that got her to respond and I informed her that I agree to pay for the postage fees so long they send me the goods in proper condition. I also reminded her on the replacement items which she need to provide me with quotation. Again, she went missing in action, no emails, nothing to confirm the replacement items. And counting till today, it is already 7 days of missing in action after her last email. And now having paid the initial payment 3 weeks ago, I am still without my goods. I am truly dissappointed with their service. Even if I refused to pay the postage fees, I have already now agreed and yet they are delaying my order by not answering my emails. It’s either they are trying to play punk with my order after the waiver saga or that they are just cheaters (scam) who do not deliver at all!

  • Olga said:

    I work with a company Yoybuy several months and received their parcels. Working with them I like. And change them to other intermediaries will not. Company Yoybuy always fulfills my requests. And give advice, if the seller does not sell a good product. I have only good feedback about the company Yoybuy.

  • Melissa Koh said:

    I am also a regular customer of yoybuy. Been buying all sorts of things through them since more than a year ago. There are many things I continue to buy from same seller but sometimes their quality may differ. But I strongly believe if ever there is any drop in quality, it is due to the seller and not yoybuy. I continue to trust yoybuy as they had never fail me before.

  • ScamReporter said:

    Yoybuy certainly has it’s tactics of putting positive comments around for people to view huh? Some positive comments just sound so fake! Beware buyers, buy at your own risk!

  • nanaz said:

    i won’t recommend yoybuy for anyone. i have dealt with them twice and had very bad experience.

    My first time with them, they are very prompt in getting payment from you but after that they will be very slow in responding to whether goods have arrived or shipped. it took 1 month for them to ship out my items and they do not update me on the status at all. The agent even went missing for a month until i raised a paypal dispute before he got back to me.

    My second time with them is the worst shopping experience I had ever had online. This package took 2 months to arrive! They did not package my item well. They claimed that they received my items already damaged from taobao seller. however as an agent, they should not accept such item and should return it to the taobao seller but they still send it to me and did not want to bear any responsibility on it.

    This makes me wonder if it is really the taobao seller’s fault or yoybuy’s fault. They just dumped all my purchased and squeezed them into a box and doesn’t care if the item will be damage during shipping or not.

    I will never ever deal with them and do not recommend them as an agent for taobao.

    I have a screenshot of the huge amount of damage to my products for my 2nd purchase. If you need it just drop me a mail.

  • Howard said:

    I am living Italy .
    used yoybuy some times.
    they supply good serivce .

  • Janet said:

    I recently placed an order using Yoybuy and will NEVER use them again. I placed my order the ends of March and just received it yesterday due to them claiming that they were waiting for two of the items I purchased. When my package finally arrived, I opened it up to find items I didn’t order!! I would have understood if 3 of the 7 items I ordered were missing but for the entire order to be wrong. Completely dissatisfied to say the least. Don’t use their services!

  • Chris said:

    Hi,i have been using yoybuy for 8 month or so now, i have to say the service when i first started ordering was incredibly fast, and efficient, and there was no problems at all, but towards the most recent months, the service has become rather slow, and a few mistakes have been made, nevertheless i do still use them as they do get what i want and are very helpful and understanding with enquiries. but they need to improve their service back to the efficent and fast service they had previously. so i would reccommend using them. :)

  • Blanchefleur said:

    I am extremely worried and very very unsatisfied. I’m so glad I found your page! I really hope “somebody” can respond, apparently I bought tons of things with them, and all of them it paid up. However, no response from them by email, and no one is “online” in their site despite the time now is their “business hours”, and i called their contact page phone number and it saids it’s not working. If I don’t hear from them I will raise a paypal dispute with them, I want my items.

  • YOYBUY said:

    Dear all, First of all, thank you for your attention on yoybuy.com, and thanks for choosing YoYbuy service. For any friend who left positive comment on us, I really appreciate it. And for anyone who not satisfied with our service, I make apology to you. I promise we will improve our service and try our best to let clients satisfied.

    Now, I would like to explain some clients questions or issue. First, for the article quality, it is really a big problem, because it appears good quality on website but the real article not as good as it appears online. So we suggest clients not to choose the items very cheap. In China, we have an old saying “You get what you pay”. You have to admit it, expensive item is much better than the cheap one. Second, Sometimes, customer support can’t reply you in time. Sometimes ago, because of the increase of business, all the yoybuy staffs were busy, they have to reply lots of mails of clients. So it was a little delay to reply some mails. I apologize for it. And we employed more staffs to help. Now, it is much better. Third, For the delay on shipping. I would like to let my clients know, especially in Winter, airmail is really slow for the heavy snow in many countries, sometimes it blocked due to the bad weather, so if you prefer to receive it sooner, please choose EMS or other faster expresses.

    Finally, Your opinions are really important to us, from your opinions we can know what to do to improve our service. I am sure we will make great effort to improve or service. If you have more opinion or suggestion please email to yoybuywebmaster@hotmail.com. We will help you as soon as we can.

    By the way, thanks the host of the forum here. Appreciate your help. :)

  • Leyre said:

    Quite surprised to read the comments here. Maybe it was just a matter of luck, but I never had any issues with my orders with Yoybuy. I always had good customer support and received the right items in good condition. Only around Christmas time I noticed the delay was longer for them to get all the items together and for EMS to reach my country, but I firmly believe this was out of their control.

  • Rodney said:

    I have spent $9,000 with Yoybuy from 2008-2009 on three orders total.

    What I received on my 3rd order was,
    A free stuffed dog (which is cute)
    $750 worth of damaged goods!
    In all three orders, the goods were packed appallingly and almost no regards was taken to ensure the safety of the items. I had no access to other agents at the time.

    I do not believe Yoybuy will honour the credit for damaged goods due to their other behaviour which was borderline. I instead decided to write it off as a loss and put my business with a more honorable person.

    Other behavior includes:
    Mis-representing exchange rates.
    Falsely claiming that cheaper suppliers did not have stock available, and pocketing the difference.

    I would strongly advise that you skip Yoybuy as an agent, as there are better people out there who charge the same.

  • A said:

    Would like to mention that yoybuy likes to OVERCHARGE on domestic shipping within China when you buy a large amount of different items from one seller. They claim that sellers lie about shipping costs. I was charged about 80yuan. I tried again with another agent, they charged me the normal cost, 15yuan.

  • YOYBUY said:

    Thanks for the two clients Rodney and A’s comments here. I am so sorry to hear your issues about the order, but in fact if you let your customer support know it in time, it can solved, no money lost if you let us know it. Please refer the “customer complaint” page on my website here:
    http://www.yoybuy.com/news_details.asp?id=257&lm2= . I am sure no company is PEFECT enough can make sure ALL the clients satisfied, company just try one’s best to make more clients satisfied and reduce the issue rate, that’s it. We packed all the packages well before ship it, maybe something happen during the shipping, the package is damaged, it is really a pity. We have after sales department to help clients to solve the problem in the order. If you let us know the issue within 3 days you received the package, after sales department will check and solve it for you. So I would like Rodney and all other clients know, if you have problem with order please DO let us know, we will help, not just keep silent to us and complain with others, it is no good to yourself and our yoybuy company. Thanks.

    Second, for the exchange rate we choose 1 cny = 0.15 usd, it was the exchange rate of the China bank sometime ago, sorry, it is really complicated for us to change it day by day. We just make it fixed.

    Third, for clients A’s issue, could you let me know which customer support helped you about your order? For the domestic shipping, we have rule, based on the seller’s require, it is depend on the weight For your issue, weird 15cny ask for 80 cny I think, maybe it is misunderstand. In fact. Also can let after sale department know it if you think it is unfair.

    Thanks again for all your comments here. If you like, please contact with me freely.

  • stab22h3 said:

    Read how yoybuy respond. They’re not even aware how crappy their services are, i tried to contact them directly, by email, 4and even by msn. If anyone wants a copy of our dialogs I could always print screen and upload online.

    They claim their office is busy, bla bla bla, so that’s why they reply slow ( as in more than a few days ), also never actually respond to emails ( you have to ask a couple times in other for them to give you an answer ) , BUT they have the time to go on search engines to search for negative comments on yoybuy and type long detailed paragraphs to defend it. Ah, contradiction.

  • YOYBUY said:

    stab22h3, thanks for your comment, I don’t want to say our service good or bad, I am sure our real, honest clients know it and can give us fair comment. If you don’t mind, may I ask who charge your order and what’s the problem? And what is your email address? So we can check and help you to solve it. We have after sale department to solve clients’ problem. I will appreciate if you can let me know it.

    I declare it again here: anyone who have any problem with your order in yoybuy, please turn to after sale department for help, here is a email and msn you can contact: yoybuyservice_03@hotmail.com.

  • YOYBUY said:

    stab22h3, thanks for your comment, I don’t want to say our service good or bad, I am sure our real, honest clients know it and can give us fair comment. If you don’t mind, may I ask who charge your order and what’s the problem? And what is your email address? So we can check and help you to solve it. We have after sale department to solve clients’ problem. I will appreciate if you can let me know it.

    I declare it again here: anyone who have any problem with your order in yoybuy, please turn to after sale department for help, here is a email and msn you can contact: yoybuyservice_03@hotmail.com.

    Yoybuy at here in order to help yoybuy’s clients to solve their problem, it is also our after sale service, further more, with the negative comments, we know how to improve our service, yoybuy really appreciate clients let us know the truth.

  • isn said:

    whatever you do, don’t deal with http://taobaofocus.com/, I paid them via paypal on 13 oct 2010, and they confirm the payment receive on 14 oct 2010, about 5 days later I send them a message asking how the progress and thay said the item are bought, on 21 oct I send a message again asking the progress but got no answer, next day I message them again and a warning that i will raise a dispute but still got no answer, on 23 i raise a dispute,

    If any of taobao focus owner or any one of you that has doubt this bad experience please email me: sales@international-sneakers.com, I will be so happy to show you the email from paypal and taobao focus itself.

    for taobao focus, I have warned you okay!!

  • Juan said:

    I am working with yoybuy about 1 year , I have oder on the new website , It really working nice . I like it .
    This is my personal experience

  • Denis, SWEDEN said:

    Hello, all!

    I used Yoybuy for several orders. I got bad stuff once, they explained that that isnt theyr job to deal with. Thaey said I should choose sellers more carefully (by rating). No responsibility for forwarded goods whatsoever, they havent check the goods before forwarding at all. As far I know, that what they should do for service fee.

    That time I decided to change Taobao agent. Oh, bytheway, girl called Tori taked care of ny orders… it was many “sorry I made misstake” on almost every order. Agent I using today is far much better, sending photos for every single item recieved, sending back bad quality, etc

  • Joseph Brooks said:

    Yoybuy (Youbuy)
    The dishonesty was pitiful. Conveniently a series of ‘accidental’ pricing mistakes were made when organizing the order.

    When it was obvious that I had challenged these, I am told that this was just ‘bad english, misunderstanding’.

    I don’t have time for these crooks, they are cunning and look out for themselves, hiding behind a veil of confusion when it suits their purposes.

  • Fadel said:

    I wanted to buy from yoybuy but, after i saw this page im worry and i think some posts here they look like robots i dont know what to do i need buy from taobao

  • Nguyen Nguyen said:

    Dear Denis, SWEDEN
    U said that u r now using another agent which is better than yoybuy. So can u share that wif me ? becuz im looking for an agent also but after i read these comments I am so confusing now about using agent for purchasing from Taobao.com

  • andrey said:

    i used to buy from yoybuy, my agent named Alice is very nice. bue she left yoybuy recently. now i found another taobao agent , http://www.charmbuy.com, they charge lower than other agents, i work well with them, and my agent also named Alice!

  • YOYBUY said:

    Hi there, I am glad to see your comments about yoybuy, Thanks. If you don’t mind, I would like to let all of you know something about purchase from taobao through taobao agents.

    For Denis, SWEDEN’s issue, could you let me know what’s wrong about your items, size, color or any blemish? If our purchaser didn’t check carefully and sent you wrong items like wrong size, color or blemish item, we will refund you if you claim it within 3 days you received it. If nothing wrong about items, just because you think the quality is not as good as you expected, sorry. We will not responsible for it. Because we are agent, not the seller or factory, we don’t know whether the items quality good or not so good, we don’t know your expectation, and there is no a standard to say the quality is good or not. You choose the items, we help you to buy and make sure it is what you ordered. That’s it.

    If you have any different ideas, please feel free to let me know, welcome to email me: bluedream1215@hotmail.com

    For Joseph Brooks, Could you please let me know what’s the problem with your order and who is your customer support please? I will check with him or her. If it is our fault, we will responsible for it.

    For Fadel, I like to say: you never know until you try yourself. We try our best to help clients. However, just as we know, there is no PERFECT in this world, yoybuy is not perfect, we may make mistake as others, but we are improving, we try to make our service better and better.

  • jacq said:

    Typically, they are ok but sometime they try to charge more which I find it unreasonable. Some seller at taobao provide free domestic shipping if you purchase certain amount but yoybuy will try to hide it and include additional domestic shipping. They don’t even combine shipping. I have a few bad experience and I certainly hope they will be honest and improve in it.
    For example, seller provide free shipping for purchases above 300RMB but yoybuy charge $12 for every item list. I purchased 11 different item, I was charge for $132 + 10% service fee. When I asked, I was told that due to clothes shortage, weather changes and freight. I have to understand and pay?! Is that my concern? What kind of excuse is that? Why try to earn that little extra and lose a long term buyer?

  • oo7aims said:

    Thanks for everyone’s contribution, this helps newbies (like me) to make informed decisions. BTW, another agent to stay away is TaoBaoNow.com

    I had place my first order in mid-Nov. of 2010.. where first half of the entire communication went pretty promptly BUT then the second half was just a nightmare!!!

    They stopped responding to messages. They had PayPal problems. And they shipped my package (items for which I paid for in advance) to wrong recipient.

  • usa user said:

    their website is down. they have my products and my money and now i can’t get them. what a waste of money.

  • Best to stay anonymous said:

    Tips for old / new users. Yoybuy.com is exactly the same as yoygou.com that they recently closed. Apparently, yoygou.com is a “chinese” version of the “yoybuy.com” site. But guess what, yoygou totally didn’t have that 4% paypal rate at all. But one thing I gotta mention to all of you out there, yoybuy automatically assumes “$12” on domestic items ( most of the time ), and often many sellers actual domestic shipping charges for the first kg of items are ranging from 5 – 12 bucks, commonly for $10. If you don’t ask them to “credit” the extra 2 bucks, they won’t take the initiative to refund you. And guess what, little money adds up, and think about the 10% service fee of that extra $2 every single time when domestic doesn’t actually cost $12.

  • amo said:

    The bad thing is they take a lot of money ” fee “

  • Blanchefleur said:

    Yoybuy “forgot” to include 4 items in my last parcel. These 4 items was paid international shipping fees, as well as all related fees. They realize they made the mistake in “forgetting” to including it in my parcel, but unwilling to re-send these items to me on its own. They instead suggested they will include this ( send these items along) in my next parcel (when i place a new order with them in the future). They assured me, that they will not charge another international postage fee towards the weight of these 4 items, the weight of these 4 items was at 0.157KG ( 157 G).

    I went with the latter option, for they were threatening me a light item might be lost if i insist to have it mailed to me. So I place a new parcel with them, I paid international postage for my newly placed items, weighted at 1.79KG, added 10% for packaging, turns out to be roughly 1.997KG. Made payment for 2KG. About a week later, the company directly deducted money from my “account” on their site, claiming it is a deduction for my package was 2.3KG, so they charged a 3KG weight.

    The company did not contact me, or ask for consent before putting through the parcel at 2.3KG, they just assumed I accept to pay an extra $11.23US. After several email battles, service representative said, the items already went over 2KG prior to adding the 4 items(157G) they missed last parcel, so no refund.

    Yesterday, I received the parcel. I took pictures, and recorded a video, weighting the parcel in its received condition. The video shows the parcel was un-opened, and I weighted the parcel at Canada post, weight showing it is at 2.151KG (the 4 items weight 0.157KG) . Emailed YOYBUY representatives right away with picture and video evidence, they did not show any intention in refunding the excess shipping ($11.23US) and gave an unhelpful reply, saying “it was 2.3KG, you should trust us”.

    I have all email evidence for their written confirmation that they will not charge another international shipping fee towards the weight of these 4 items, email evidence that they are suggesting in between the lines that I might lost the item during transit if i chose not to send these items when i place my ext purchase with them, picture evidence showing the parcel and the weight, as well as a video evidence showing 360 degrees that the parcel was unopened and the weight it comes out to be 2.151kg.

    I have all email, pictures and video evidence. Yoybuy is SCAM. Perhaps not the type to take your money and run, they’re not interested to slowly suck money out of you here and there. Blaming and pushing the issue onto other things, or underhanded, in a way they make it seem like it is a “language barrier” so they make you repeat urself several times ( and slowly getting more frustrated ) before actually getting your questions answered.


  • Blanchefleur said:

    Typo: Yoybuy is SCAM. Perhaps not the type to take your money and run, they’re MORE interested to slowly suck money out of you here and there. ***

  • Cindy said:

    Hey, I was trying to research for yoybuy reviews before deciding to use them or not, and I came to this forum.

    Looks like there are many many yoybuy users that are unhappy with their experience!!!

  • usa buyer said:

    I was checking out their website last night, but since it was getting late, I was planning to look more in detail today. Funny how they posted a notice of “not receiving new orders” on the day of the notice. I guess anyone who wants to do business would prefer some cushion in between down time.

  • german buyer said:

    i orderd several times with them and i´m not satisfied.
    first two parcels i choosed the recommendet shipping via EMS but thats,at least for germany,the baddest you can use !due to the fact that they are a normal transport company their german partner GDSK confiscates every parcel they get at frankfurt airport an try to get
    beneath the required informations about the parcel like
    invoice/bill and whats in it an extra service fee of over 30$ ! ! !i life 200km from frankfurt so,to save this extra fees, i choosed to do an online custom registration which is very difficult for normal people…
    the next parcel i ordered vie china post so that,in the fact there is again anything wrong with the parcel,the german post would bring the parcel to the customs office nearby where i life so that i can pickup my parcel by myself…same procedure as every parcel from youbuy : even in the fact that i wrote extra in the parcels notes that they should put an complete invoice
    on the outside of the parcel and please “don´t write “GIFT” or something like that on it” they did it again and again….that uses at least 2 or 3 hours to get my parcel….so i have “a thick neck” as we say in germany !
    …an thats not good ! ;-(
    even if they had just printed out my parcel notes the customs would have been able to do their job….but now i´m in the position do to it myself an that takes me hours …..

  • user said:

    Their customer service rep is NEVER on msn. Not even during china business hours. Geez.

  • Joesph Brooks (again) said:

    After Yoybuy’s reply post on this page.
    I actually followed up on this even just to humor their apparent claims!
    For yourself reading this, please take this as advise that any attempt by Yoybuy to remedy the situation is a defensive lip service, that was ultimately failed by Yoybuy, when the real-life situation for them to rectify was challenged.

    They did not respond to my earlier e-mails at all (I believe this was because they knew I was complaining)! They did respond one of my later e-mails, however the response was diluting (hello sir, sorry I didn’t quit understand your e-mail, have you tried checking your shipping company).

    These Chinese agents speak English much better than they would have you believe! Hiding behind a barrier of secrecy and manipulating transactions to the point where you would get angry, but not quite angry enough that you would hire a thug to break their legs.

    – Joseph Brooks

  • said:




  • john li said:

    i am a chinese student ,studying in Spain , while i was in spain ,i used YOYBUY’s SERVICE to buy something from Taobao .however after a few orders,i found that they are not buying from the seller i ask them to ,but some cheaper charged seller with low quality product instead , now my friend and i are using others , here is the link that we talk about purchasing in China.

  • Richard said:

    every agent had made mistake i’m sure,but the most important is quality, safe money,and fast. who do these well, who we choose!

  • lORIS said:



    I’M so dissapointed…

  • Shiei said:

    actually, I also agree with most of the people saying that Yoybuy tends to squeeze all items in a small box. But luckly last time I only order garments, so there’s not much damage except for a corsage that comes with it…. about the respond speed, I also agree that its kind of slow…. and due to the slow respond, my orders ends up taking 3 months before it ships to me. Beside this, the agent that in charge with my orders often makes mistake regarding the total money that I need to deposit (but luckly I noticed it & tells her)

  • Mary said:

    I ordered from yoybuy like one year ago & what I found out is that their invoice tends to overcharged for a few dollars for no apparent reason. I even used the conversion method that they provide & calculate as they stated in the site (4% Paypal fees, 5% insurance, the USD rate that they provided, 10% commission) but when they send me the invoice, its costs more than what I calculate. I suspects that their calculators are actually broken… =.=

  • Craig said:

    Hi. Craig from Australia here.

    I have used yoybuy for about two years now. Initially, the service was good, but after time it has become worse and worse. They sent a camera which never arrived, and which I was not compensated for. They charge a poor exchange rate PLUS 4-5% commission on pay pal transactions PLUS a service fee, etc etc. They do not post things quickly either. I have often had to wait a month or more for goods to arrive in Australia from the time I placed the order on their site.

    I’m now looking for an alternative agent.

  • victor said:

    I’ve shopped with yoybuy for about 5-6 times at least now and I think im going to look for another agent. They havent really messed up any of my orders really bad but overall i think their service is getting worse. Here are some issues i have noted:
    1) The buying agent I had replied once a day and when there are issues with an item you are buying, getting one reply per day really adds to the turn around time. This probably is my biggest gripe.
    2) Packaging with my last few orders have been pretty bad. I just got an order this morning and already a few items were broken because the “box” they used was just pieces of cardboard taped together and so did really form any sort of protection for the things inside. I dont understand why they can use a brand new fresh box everytime. Thats what the 10% service fee is for after all right? And when you make a 800 dollar order like my last one, whats another dollar for a proper box?
    3) One time they forgot to put an item into my parcel and they denied it even though on their system it says that there were “looking” for the item after the parcel has shipped.
    4) The english of my buying agent was really bad. I could understand what they were saying but they clearly had issues understanding my instructions and so every time i get receive a package there are usually a couple things that didnt go quite right.
    5) Finally is that they dont have surface mail anymore like they used to. I know it takes ages for it to ship but when my typical taobao order takes 2-3months to complete because i get one reply a day, whats another 4 weeks to get cheap shipping.
    6) Oh one more thing. They are quite slow with shipping items. My last order took 3 days to process from when i paid for everything and when it was lodged with EMS.

  • Miguel Angel said:

    Hi all, I will say that yoybuy not mean what you say, I made a request for EMS that are 7 days for the package arrives, I first say that this is not so is 60 days, my mind went blank when I told him, then we pay for the order to arrive before I continue with the processed of customer service and always the same, (we’ll get back to China post next week, do not worry that you will indemnify) but the weeks and nothing and PAYPAL tells me it’s been over 45 days to put a dispute, if anyone knows where to write to put you in a post. Thank you.

  • amal said:

    I bought a wedding dress , when I received the dress for my wedding i shocked .. its completely different from the image .. the Design, fabric and shape. i paid 800 $ for this dress and i put in store ..
    When I asked them to take photo for dress they told me they cant because they have a lot of goods .. they dont care about custoumer .. they care about money ..

    I do not recommend this agent .. because i deal with them man times .. with many bad experince ..

    and if you want picture email me .. i can take photo for money that i pay it and everything ..

  • Vannesa (philipines) said:

    hello.. i want to give some review about yoybuy here.. my 1st order is ok & no problem with yoybuy… all my item received in good condition… everytime i want to purchased from any taobao agent, im always calculate my money how much i pay to yoybuy agent & how much my budget still inside my bank..

    i have save my money calculation on my laptop everytime i pay to any taobao agent.. when i make a payment to yoybuy agent, all is correct payment.. we know right our money is in they system… a few hour later, i though my payment is correct.. but they want more extra money from me. im surprised and i dont understand why they want my money. i already pay a correct payment… i ask them & no answer… i ask again & no answer from them why have a extra payment even i already pay a correct money to order from taobao seller…

    i’m feel weird.. i think they steal my money and i dont know about that.. i feel have something not bad about them.. i already calculate my payment to yoybuy and everything is perfect.. but when they want extra money, now im out of budget….

    for example today i purchased my item and the price is $60.00 including shipping.. i pay the correct one like they charge me.. after that they charge me around $20.00, now my item price is $80.00.. more than 1st price i pay.. because that is my customer item, i need to buy it faster, so i pay it…

    after a few day, i wanna check my account on yoybuy website again.. suddenly, the payment to taobao seller goes down! its $40.00 only actualy.. and its not $60.00!! but they want more money after that! i guess if the price is goes down to $40.00, thats mean they my extra money i pay for taobao seller should be goes to my account balance…

    but i check my balance, everything is like the same like yesterday balance… hmmmm…. im not stupid.. because i have my own data to calculate everything my payment…

    so, everyone, if you buy from any taobao agent including yoybuy, please calculate how much payment you sent to them.. check your money In and Out for your safety… make sure is correct. since your money in they system, sometime you will dont know that your money less..

    i recommend using any taobao agent that pay directly using paypal.. not to they payment system… if you use paypal, they will charge you only 1 payment only… warning them before you want to make a payment.. make sure everthing is correct payment and we dont want pay extra money on the next day…

    i hope everyone please becareful…. remember, save your data on your computer…

    i give yoybuy 60% from 100%… i still trust they service but they have something secret we dont know.. maybe this extra payment is doing by they worker.. or they manager want they do that to steal our extra money…

    so, beware…

    good luck buyer..

  • lynn said:

    hi i e-mail yoybuy company let them know that i can not read there site it in foreign languages ,they said they do not have it in english languages i really wont to buy xbox360 and will video game , a year ago i was able to pull up these games in english now i can not , yoybuy send me a link for foreign languages i can not read this.

  • Kitty said:

    I’m sorry to hear all those people who have had bad experiences with Yoybuy. I just recently ordered a couple of things from Taobao through Yoybuy and I think I must have been one of the lucky customers since the whole shopping experience was like a breeze to me and my items arrived in good conditions (probably because I had them shipped via DHL). I wrote a review on it too on my blog http://nekonette.com/2013/review-yoybuy/

    Though I WISH they had kept PayPal as a method of payment. They’ve removed it because, according to them, PayPal has asked them to stop their customers from ordering branded items (I don’t know the main details, though) but can’t they do some sort of negotiations or arrangements for this? I mean a lot of other Taobao agents don’t seem to have much problems using PayPal and I’m sure people order branded items too through these agents.

  • Anon said:

    All the little extra charges with Yoybuy really add up, customs charges, then sending packages to the wrong address (yourself instead of a customer). Delays in tracking available. Then losing parcels that have been sent to the warehouse, not wanting to respond when something says it’s been delivered but it’s not entered onto their forwarding system, 3-4% extra for Visa/Paypal. 10% service charge. More expensive shipping than competitors for small packages.

    I will use Yoybuy again but only over 20KG where other competitors refuse to ship or I need something above 15KG urgently/Aramex

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