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Warning: yoybuy.com Receives Complaints


Warnings come in about yoybuy.com

A reader from Australia has written in to warn us of a bad experience he had shopping with Taobao Agent yoybuy.com. Before we detail the complaint, let us say that to our knowledge yoybuy does a mostly decent job serving their customers (thanks for the reports from two satisfied yoybuy customers in the comments).

The issue

The complaint says that yoybuy took the buyer’s order and sent him a cheaper version of the product. The buyer had found a good vendor for his products on Taobao, and had been satisfied with previous orders, and even though he requested that yoybuy use that vendor, they did not, and the result was inferior products.

Any other reports?

If you have worked with Taobao agents before, let us know about your experiences!


  • Vannesa (philipines) said:

    hello.. i want to give some review about yoybuy here.. my 1st order is ok & no problem with yoybuy… all my item received in good condition… everytime i want to purchased from any taobao agent, im always calculate my money how much i pay to yoybuy agent & how much my budget still inside my bank..

    i have save my money calculation on my laptop everytime i pay to any taobao agent.. when i make a payment to yoybuy agent, all is correct payment.. we know right our money is in they system… a few hour later, i though my payment is correct.. but they want more extra money from me. im surprised and i dont understand why they want my money. i already pay a correct payment… i ask them & no answer… i ask again & no answer from them why have a extra payment even i already pay a correct money to order from taobao seller…

    i’m feel weird.. i think they steal my money and i dont know about that.. i feel have something not bad about them.. i already calculate my payment to yoybuy and everything is perfect.. but when they want extra money, now im out of budget….

    for example today i purchased my item and the price is $60.00 including shipping.. i pay the correct one like they charge me.. after that they charge me around $20.00, now my item price is $80.00.. more than 1st price i pay.. because that is my customer item, i need to buy it faster, so i pay it…

    after a few day, i wanna check my account on yoybuy website again.. suddenly, the payment to taobao seller goes down! its $40.00 only actualy.. and its not $60.00!! but they want more money after that! i guess if the price is goes down to $40.00, thats mean they my extra money i pay for taobao seller should be goes to my account balance…

    but i check my balance, everything is like the same like yesterday balance… hmmmm…. im not stupid.. because i have my own data to calculate everything my payment…

    so, everyone, if you buy from any taobao agent including yoybuy, please calculate how much payment you sent to them.. check your money In and Out for your safety… make sure is correct. since your money in they system, sometime you will dont know that your money less..

    i recommend using any taobao agent that pay directly using paypal.. not to they payment system… if you use paypal, they will charge you only 1 payment only… warning them before you want to make a payment.. make sure everthing is correct payment and we dont want pay extra money on the next day…

    i hope everyone please becareful…. remember, save your data on your computer…

    i give yoybuy 60% from 100%… i still trust they service but they have something secret we dont know.. maybe this extra payment is doing by they worker.. or they manager want they do that to steal our extra money…

    so, beware…

    good luck buyer..

  • lynn said:

    hi i e-mail yoybuy company let them know that i can not read there site it in foreign languages ,they said they do not have it in english languages i really wont to buy xbox360 and will video game , a year ago i was able to pull up these games in english now i can not , yoybuy send me a link for foreign languages i can not read this.

  • Kitty said:

    I’m sorry to hear all those people who have had bad experiences with Yoybuy. I just recently ordered a couple of things from Taobao through Yoybuy and I think I must have been one of the lucky customers since the whole shopping experience was like a breeze to me and my items arrived in good conditions (probably because I had them shipped via DHL). I wrote a review on it too on my blog http://nekonette.com/2013/review-yoybuy/

    Though I WISH they had kept PayPal as a method of payment. They’ve removed it because, according to them, PayPal has asked them to stop their customers from ordering branded items (I don’t know the main details, though) but can’t they do some sort of negotiations or arrangements for this? I mean a lot of other Taobao agents don’t seem to have much problems using PayPal and I’m sure people order branded items too through these agents.

  • Anon said:

    All the little extra charges with Yoybuy really add up, customs charges, then sending packages to the wrong address (yourself instead of a customer). Delays in tracking available. Then losing parcels that have been sent to the warehouse, not wanting to respond when something says it’s been delivered but it’s not entered onto their forwarding system, 3-4% extra for Visa/Paypal. 10% service charge. More expensive shipping than competitors for small packages.

    I will use Yoybuy again but only over 20KG where other competitors refuse to ship or I need something above 15KG urgently/Aramex

  • fu said:

    biggest bunch of scammers put a post up they don’t like and they take it down

  • Valera said:

    Very bad service, items come faulty one item came empty just the box! I worked with them for over 5 years. When they sent me item that is not as described and different from the one on the picture, i asked for a refund which they refused. I made complaint through PayPal now they blocked my account and I had money there! They are scammers.

  • Romain said:

    I’m also disappointed at yoybuy, I’ve ordered from Tim at his beginning and everything went well and with a great customer service.

    I’ve just used the service again to forward a package from China. Weight was overestimated, instead of 1.56Kg they measured 1.95kg + 0.2kg of packaging weight.

    I ended up a little over 2kg which more than double the expedition cost (from 25 to almost 50$!). And, as you cannot select the small parcel option, even if when they send it, it’s less than 2 kilos, you pay way more for the delivery than you should.

    Also I had to contact them several for them to successfully add my item on their website (and allow me to process further). So don’t expect any email from their part, you should follow the tracking on Taobao and contact them after it arrive in their warehouse.

    In short: if the item is available on Aliexpress or somewhere else, buy it somewhere else or use another agent…

  • Sue said:

    Never use Yoybuy.
    They have extremely poor understanding of customer security (they ask you to give away your password to literally login into customer’s account personally!),
    they take days to update that parcel has arrived
    and useless customer service.
    How many times u explain ur problem they will never give right answers.
    Seriously I doubt that they even read customer inquiries. And they blame the customer for problems.

  • Alan said:

    Yoybuy is shitttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t buy there. People are extremly stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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