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Warning! 65daigou (ezbuy) receives complaints

A Taobao adventurer has written in recounting her experience with 65daigou, copied below.

Just want to share my bad experience with 65daigou (ezbuy), recently i ordered some makeup through their Ship-for-me services, which they advertised as providing free repack services that will protect and reduce the weight and volume of the shipment. The contents of the entire box was smashed, with powder everywhere. When i asked them about with attached pictures as evidence, they denied responsibility even though they admitted it was damaged during international shipping, as they opened the box when it was delivered to the warehouse overseas and it was fine.

So they admitted the box was damaged during international shipping, but they said I should have rejected the parcel because once i have accepted the parcel, it’s not their responsibility. Well, how would i know it’s all smashed inside?

Do not deal with this irresponsible company, i spent a month writing and replying and they always replied with the same words, with terrible grammar, making you feel like you’re having a conversation with an automated machine.

I lost more than a hundred dollars through this incident. The seller refused to compensate as well as it arrived intact at the warehouse, and was only damaged by the shipping company.”

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