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Obook: Taobao Agent with Fast, Flexible Service

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For Buyers Who Love to be Happy

Obook has been a Taobao Agent since 2009, and we have endorsed them since August 2009! That is a very long time for the Agent business! And we get tons of very positive feedback from our readers. So we are happy to recommend them to you.

For Buyers who Love Personal Attention

Obook’s customers fall in love at first order, and so many of Obook’s customers come back for repeat business. Buying from Obook doesn’t require registration. They cut out the automation and focus on personal attention. Just send them an email telling them what you want. The flexibility of this personal attention helps a lot when you have a special request.

For Buyers Who Love Bargains

From your first email, Obook will propose product options for you, and when you confirm the product you want, they will generate a concise order summary with all information clearly laid out – no hidden costs or questionable calculations.

Today they have the highest Taobao VIP status, allowing them to get the best bargains for their customers. With offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, they can provide logistical flexibility to ensure that your order is handled efficiently.

For Wholesale Purchases and Businesses

Obook’s customer base includes businesses who take advantage of their flexible services to create custom solutions to their unique wholesale requirements. For businesses including physical store retailers and online drop-shippers, Obook delivers a customized solution including the price discounts on quantities, shorter lead times, and other custom logistical solutions.

The Obook service fee is 15%, and includes:

  • Quick and friendly response on all inquiries
  • Easy and flexible email service
  • Insider’s knowledge and negotiation with Taobao shops
  • Complete product verification to make sure you receive the right stuff
  • Efficient and safe packaging
  • Discount international shipping (65% to 70% cheaper than list price)
  • The option to leave eBay feedback
  • Options to pay by Visa, Moneybookers, Western Union or bank transfer

Overall, you will find that savings on freight, discounts from sellers and consolidated packaging will go a long way towards offsetting this commission. It is well worth it, especially considering the great flexible customer service they offer.

Send Obook an email now.

Or, use their online form to ensure they have all the info to give you a fast, complete response.



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