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How Chinese Gamers Access Pokemon Go with Taobao

Pokemon Go is not released in China, but Chinese Pokemon fans are able play with the help of Taobao

Diablo 3 sneaks on to Taobao

The spoilsports at Blizzard have been holding off the official Chinese launch of Diablo 3, leaving many a frustrated gamer in their wake.

Angry Birds Opens a Shop on Tmall

In the spirit of this Chinese enthusiasm, Taobao will now be marketing (via Tmall) the official Angry Birds shop online for China.

China’s Call of Duty fans gear up in Ghost’s tactical jacket

A while back I proclaimed that all my future purchases were going to be tactical. Being a male just past caring-about-fashion age and not yet outside of the pretending-I’m-a-soldier phase, I have found military-inspired clothing to be just the thing to give me my manly edge.

Nintendo DS Helps You Learn Chinese

Remember when Neo learned kung fu? Right now, this is the closest thing we’ve got.

Wii Fit is Space Pod Exercise

One day humankind will live on space stations. Wii Fit will be standard in all space pods.

How to Buy a Wii in China

The Wii is an awesome machine. And now a couple years after its release, there is a huge collection of great games.

Buying one in China is a great idea.

A Janky Wii Clone

This should be considered child abuse.