Taobao news

Surf and Shop with the Taobao Browser

The clever folks at Taobao have finally woken up to the possibilities of combining their shopping service with a dedicated browser.

Taobao Opens a New Furniture Store

Taobao moves to out of the strictly online world to open a physical store in Beijing.

Taobao Christmas Sale, A Raving Success

The People’s Daily reports on the fact that while the average Chinese shopper may be unaware of Christmas, they’re only too happy to pick up a Christmas bargain.

Taobao Electronics Mall – Rumor Confirmed

Our rumor has proven true! Now you can buy electronics products via excellent dedicated Taobao Electronics Mall.

Rumor: ‘Taobao Electronics Mall’ to Launch Early 2010

Taobao Field Guide’s inside sources have given us some super secret info on Taobao’s next big move: a dedicated platform for consumer electronics.

This could be the first hint at shift towards a market segmentation strategy at Taobao – dividing to conquer on competitors’ home turf.