style upgrades

Male Size-Enhancing Padded Speedos

Ask for the cup size you’d like to be.

China’s Call of Duty fans gear up in Ghost’s tactical jacket

A while back I proclaimed that all my future purchases were going to be tactical. Being a male just past caring-about-fashion age and not yet outside of the pretending-I’m-a-soldier phase, I have found military-inspired clothing to be just the thing to give me my manly edge.

Taobao’s iPhones getting cheaper on Unicom policy shifts

After several years of being an Android hold out, I have finally given in to the awesomeness of the iPhone. And it is an interesting time to jump in.

Steel Pocket Subway Maps of Chinese Cities

These credit card-sized maps keep your commute in order. And they look cool!

Available for Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong.

GTD-brand Notebooks Bring the Productivity Fetish to China

Got a New Year’s resolution to get your productivity back on track?

Keep it real – and real cheap – with some deep discount GTD gear.

Meat Feast Fashion

Good-tasting BBQ is one thing. But what’s really important? Looking good.

So be sure to pick up some aprons and other top chef fashion for your big Fourth of July meat feast.

Woodgrain Glasses from Japan

If you need an extra pair of glasses and want to branch out with the style, you can’t go wrong with these super-hip faux woodgrain frames.

Thank you, Japan!

Collar Stays are Serious Business

I feel like I could, in a pinch, take one of these metal collar stays out of my shirt and use it to hotwire a car.