sign up

If you followed our Getting Started guide, this is not necessary. But if, for whatever reason, you need to sign up for Alipay manually, here’s how you go about that.

Need another hint about sign-up? Here is a brief overview.

1. Username: in English or Chinese – either is okay. You can enter from 5-20 characters. Click the button underneath to see if the name is available.
2. Password: 6-16 characters Make it a good one (with a number and a symbol) Otherwise Taobao will bother you to change it all the time.
3. Enter your password again: the tiny blue triangle in the text box will turn green if the passwords match, and red if they don’t match
4. E-mail address: Expect …

Sign Up for a Taobao Account

Signing up requires only a Chinese mobile phone and takes less than a minute.