men’s fashion

Male Size-Enhancing Padded Speedos

Ask for the cup size you’d like to be.

China’s Call of Duty fans gear up in Ghost’s tactical jacket

A while back I proclaimed that all my future purchases were going to be tactical. Being a male just past caring-about-fashion age and not yet outside of the pretending-I’m-a-soldier phase, I have found military-inspired clothing to be just the thing to give me my manly edge.

Lamborghini Starts Selling on Taobao Mall

Lamborghini is another in the long line of big brands to realize that to exist in the minds of the Chinese consumer, you need to be on Taobao.

The Porter 819 Advanced Keychain Wallet

Man has two hands but three necessities: phone, key, wallet.
How to solve this mathematical, anatomical conundrum?

Enter the Bruce Lee Megastore – Bruce Lee Fashion

The Bruce Lee magic extends beyond fist and philosophy. He was also a fashionable mofo. And Bruceshop rises to the challenge, capturing his unique look with his signature outfits.

nciku Merch Hits Taobao

If you are cool, you know the story on nciku. This online translator-turned all-in-one language learning tool has saved you on more than one Taobao excursion. Now its time to buy some of their stuff and show some love.

NLGX Brand Clothing Loves China’s Recycled Design

Spring is here, and it’s time to get some new clothes so you’re looking fit and fresh out on the streets.

Gear up with Beijing’s NLGX design concern, and their innovative repurposing of China’s signature images and materials. Hot!

Bowling Shoes are the Most Manly Shoes

As a man, I have almost no thoughts for footwear. Bowling shoes, on the other hand, seem to be exactly what shoes *should* be.

Thanks to Twitter follower @msittig for this suggestion!