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Rent A Buddhist Karma Candle on Taobao For Only 10rmb

What do you do for better luck and happiness? For only 10rmb per day, this Buddhist temple will light a candle for your good karma!

Taobao’s iPhones getting cheaper on Unicom policy shifts

After several years of being an Android hold out, I have finally given in to the awesomeness of the iPhone. And it is an interesting time to jump in.

May the Force be with 雨

It’s a rainy day in Shanghai. And the dreaded Plum Rain Season is just around the corner. So let’s get you prepared for the weather.

$100,000 Diamond Bought on Taobao

That’s consumer confidence.

Taobao’s All-purpose GIFTOTRON Helps Choose the Right Gift

Taobao has developed advanced gift-suggestion technology just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Chinese Girlfriend

Taobao has terrible gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Moleskine’s Beijing Special Edition Notebooks

Street maps, subway maps and a pouch that fits a passport perfectly. Classy.