life in the PRC

Buy Weibo Fans on Taobao

I’ve been using Weibo pretty hardcore recently, using it to improve my Chinese. What I have learned it that it is pretty important to be hong (红, popular).

Rent a Beijing Girl on Taobao

Chen Xiao decided to sell herself on Taobao. Or at least rent herself out, 8 minutes at a time.

The Diaoyu Islands Dispute Hits Taobao

Show your support for China with Diaoyu Islands merchandise from Taobao.

Celebrate the National Holiday with Chinese Flags

China is on vacation this week, celebrating the National Holiday. This year is special, as the PRC celebrates its 60th year.

Grab a double handful of China national flags and hit the streets!

Prep for the Shanghai Eclipse with Eclipse Glasses

Buy a pair of eclipse glasses and you may gaze upon the imminent celestial phenomenon.