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nciku Merch Hits Taobao

If you are cool, you know the story on nciku. This online translator-turned all-in-one language learning tool has saved you on more than one Taobao excursion. Now its time to buy some of their stuff and show some love.

Up Your Zhongwen: A Chinese Vocabulary Notebook

Learning Chinese is not always easy. It helps when you like your tools.

This adorable little book comes from Korea, and is packed with neat little features to help you get your learn on right.

Lilei and Hanmeimei & Chinese Textbook Nostalgia

People who learn Chinese are probably familiar with Palanka and Gubo, the two main characters of the Practical Chinese Reader.

The Chinese had a similar duo: Lilei and Hanmeimei. This pair is bringing back the love for old textbook art and I approve.

Classic Board Games are Cheap on Taobao!

If you are going to spread the joy of board games to your Chinese friends, you should be sure to let them check out the old favorites.

Nintendo DS Helps You Learn Chinese

Remember when Neo learned kung fu? Right now, this is the closest thing we’ve got.

Pleco – The Perfect Chinese-Learning Tool

If you are learning Chinese, you need to get the Pleco dictionary. And you need the right machine to run it.