home upgrades

Digital Ninjas Attack! Ninja USB Drives

In tribute to VPNinja joining us we are doing a ninja week. The BONE Ninja USB drive from Taiwan is the most ninja-tastic little data keeper out there.

VPNinja: the Best VPN in the Universe

VPNinja! Our new partner in super awesomeness!

Why Do Chinese Girls Hate Beanbag Chairs?

Despite what these frumpy girls would lead you to believe, beanbag chairs are probably very shufu and available for cheap on Taobao.

Japanese Home Building Kits

I’m completely changing the configuration of the apartment. You’re not gonna believe it when you see it.

A whole new lifestyle.

Spruce Up the Place with Chinese Wall Stickers

How long has it been since you have played with stickers?

You are overdue.

A Sparkly Lighting Upgrade for only 40rmb

Your mood ring is asking you to buy this now.

A Racecar Bed for a New Generation

Racecar beds are not just for kids.

5 Retroclassic Lounge Chairs for Cheap on Taobao

Taobao is a great place to pick up some classic retrofuturistic lounge chairs at Ikea-like prices.