Lamborghini Starts Selling on Taobao Mall

Lamborghini is another in the long line of big brands to realize that to exist in the minds of the Chinese consumer, you need to be on Taobao.

iPad 2 Hits Taobao for the Rich and Impatient

iPad 2 MANIA has gripped China, with long nasty lines at the official Apple stores. I am going to skip the lines and pick one up on Taobao.

Rent A Buddhist Karma Candle on Taobao For Only 10rmb

What do you do for better luck and happiness? For only 10rmb per day, this Buddhist temple will light a candle for your good karma!

The Porter 819 Advanced Keychain Wallet

Man has two hands but three necessities: phone, key, wallet.
How to solve this mathematical, anatomical conundrum?

From now on, I want everything laser-etched

I have just realized that my possessions are adorned with frighteningly few laser-etched markings. I’ve got to do a 180-degree turn on my purchasing habits.

From now on, nothing but futuristic laser-etched items.

Steel Pocket Subway Maps of Chinese Cities

These credit card-sized maps keep your commute in order. And they look cool!

Available for Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong.

本裁 ‘simplecut’ brand clothing from Beijing

Many thanks to reader Veronique for today’s Field Report –

simplecut clothing is really classy and has some beautiful photos showing off their clothing and some of Beijing’s great scenery.

Buy China’s Iconic ‘Hongqi’ Car on Taobao

It is a tradition for Chinese leaders to drive around with their head sticking out of the sunroof like a half-man, half-car creature.

The car half is called Hongqi, and you can buy an antique model for yourself on Taobao.

Bowling Shoes are the Most Manly Shoes

As a man, I have almost no thoughts for footwear. Bowling shoes, on the other hand, seem to be exactly what shoes *should* be.

Thanks to Twitter follower @msittig for this suggestion!

Moleskine’s Beijing Special Edition Notebooks

Street maps, subway maps and a pouch that fits a passport perfectly. Classy.