beijing fashion scene

Young Communist Leader Takes China By Storm

Young Huang Yibo, on his way to being a great future Chinese leader.

NLGX Brand Clothing Loves China’s Recycled Design

Spring is here, and it’s time to get some new clothes so you’re looking fit and fresh out on the streets.

Gear up with Beijing’s NLGX design concern, and their innovative repurposing of China’s signature images and materials. Hot!

本裁 ‘simplecut’ brand clothing from Beijing

Many thanks to reader Veronique for today’s Field Report –

simplecut clothing is really classy and has some beautiful photos showing off their clothing and some of Beijing’s great scenery.

I Hate You: Chic Fashion Born in Beijing

These Beijing art-school graduates are using Taobao as their platform to display their creations: clothing, photography and poetry.

Lilei and Hanmeimei & Chinese Textbook Nostalgia

People who learn Chinese are probably familiar with Palanka and Gubo, the two main characters of the Practical Chinese Reader.

The Chinese had a similar duo: Lilei and Hanmeimei. This pair is bringing back the love for old textbook art and I approve.