Tmall App Arrives on the iPhone

China’s smartphone shopper’s prayers have finally be answered, the largest B2C e-commerce site in the country – Tmall has now launched an iPhone app.

Grey Market iPhones take a well needed rest on Taobao?

Given that Apple products are always in high-demand in China, there’s no big surprise that many vendors try and turn a quick buck by importing grey market iPhones to retail on Taobao.

iPad 2 Hits Taobao for the Rich and Impatient

iPad 2 MANIA has gripped China, with long nasty lines at the official Apple stores. I am going to skip the lines and pick one up on Taobao.

Cheap Hacked iTunes Gift Cards Return to Taobao

They are back!

But instead of using the iTunes logo or a scanned gift card, they are choosing some unique characters to represent themselves.

iTunes Gift Cards Disappear, Reappear on Taobao

iTunes Gift Cards are (mostly) banished from Taobao. But there are still some weird iTunes-related items that you could buy.

Hacked iTunes Gift Cards

Taobao Field Guide does not endorse this kind of mischief!

DIY MacBook for Less than 3000rmb

Hack this Dell into a cheap and tiny MacBook alternative.