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How to Buy from Taobao

This is the quick and dirty guide – it presents the fastest, easiest way to buy stuff on Taobao. If you need more detail on any of these steps, links are provided to guides that go in depth into these points.


First things First

If you don’t live in China, you will need to check out our guide to buying on Taobao from overseas. If you do live in China, be sure to sign up for Taobao and add money to your account. When that is done, you are ready to start shopping with the guide below.


Step 1. Support the Field Guide

Have you found this guide helpful so far? Then we encourage you to make a habit of using the search box on our homepage (also available as a convenient bookmarklet) to search for stuff on Taobao. We get a small percentage Taobao when you do! Learn more.

Step 2. Search in English

Yes, just type in English! You will find the stuff you want 95% of the time.


More search tips:
Guide to Taobao Search
How to filter your results to find the right stuff


3. Check the Seller Feedback – and Talk to the Seller

Scroll down into your results and click on the products that look good. On the product page, look here and make sure that the Seller is highly rated. A good rule of thumb is at least 99% feedback on more than 500 transactions. (In the image below, the seller has 99.44% feedback on 716 transactions.) More on Evaluating a Seller.


It is also vital that you either – chat with a Seller on Wangwang chat first before you buy, or at least verify that they have made sales in the recent past to make sure that they have these items in stock. See our guides to chatting with Sellers and filtering to find in-stock items.


4. Click the Orange Buy It Now! Button

As seen below. There is now also a Blue Shopping Cart button which is useful if you are buying multiple things at once.

5. Add a Shipping Address

Click the button circled in green below to enter your shipping
address. Use Chinese for the street address if you can, but English (pinyin) is okay here too.


6. Choose Shipping method

Kuaidi 快递 is usually the preferred option — a delivery person will come to your door with the package. For details on the alternatives, check out our detailed guide to buying.

7. Submit your order

As seen above.


8. Enter your password to confirm payment

If you have a question about this step, check our guide to paying for your Taobao order.


You’re done!

Sit back and wait for your package to arrive. When it does, you should check out our Guide to Receiving Stuff. … if you’re not too busy playing with your new treasure.


  • Master Smurf said:

    Great guide! I successfully set up everything and made my first purchase! It did take a bit of patience and looking for answers on this site for the various windows popping up but now I’m set! Thanks

  • Anonymous said:

    Is there any way to combine your order when you want to buy different products from the same seller?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Sure is! Check this out: Taobao Shopping Cart

  • Agathe said:

    Hey, just to say thanks, I am now a taobao superstar. Everything went super smoothly.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    That’s awesome Agathe! Be sure to tell us what kind of sweet stuff you find in your Taobao journey~

  • aloha99 said:

    Again they changed the layout of the pages so it’s not exactly the same. For example after the “buy it now” they offered a secured log-in option (which I could not manage to understand how it works-required a plugin) or a regular log-in (which I did)where they asked me to reconfirm my password.

  • Emily said:

    Hi So,
    Thank you so much for this website! I’m excited to get buying! BUT>>>
    This is my 2nd TaoBao account I’ve set up, and both times I’ve gotten it set up, added money at the post office, added it to my Alipay account, and gotten to the part where you BUY the baby 😉 and I input my address, and it just freezes, and says “加载时间过长,建议您刷新后重试。” So I refresh, and nothing happens!! I go back to try again, but then it automatically knows my address that I’ve already put in, and it just says the same thing, over and over. Is there a place where I can change my address, or do you have any ideas??? Help! I want those rain boots!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Emily, which system and browser are you using, Taobao’s support for browsers other than IE is pretty pre-mature…. all kinds of weird shits might happen… =) we’d suggest you use windows system and IE6 or IE7 to buy stuff on taobao.

  • Tree said:

    Hi…thanks for this awesome guide,i registered and received my first order!…..
    But got one question,Can you please provide the chinese characters which request the seller to consolidate the shipping fee for multiple items from same seller…..Thanks!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Tree, Congrats on your first order!! =D
    regarding the shipping fee consolidation, it usually should be done before you pay for the whole deal. the step is, you purchase 2 items, pause, contact seller to revise the 2nd shipping price charge to 0, after he did it, you pay for the order, and wait for the delivery. now that you already paid and received your order, the only way to get your over charged shipping price back is to talk to the seller about this first, say “hey bro, I find I paid double the shipping price, I’m gonna submit a partial refund on this order for the overcharged amount. give my money back!”here’s the Chinese version:”兄弟,我发现我付了两份快递费啊,我申请退款了,把多收的那部分退给我!”then go to mytaobao and find the order, click on “申请退款” and input the correct amount that you should pay for the deal. paste the above sentence into the reason for refund area. that’s it. usually it will take some day for the money to come back to you.

  • aloha said:

    Sellers sell tons of interesting stuff. Most of the time you can see pictures at the bottom of the page with other goods that they have. Or on the left hand side of the page they have a list. But sometimes they don’t – no picture, no list. So is there any other way to check all the goods sold by this seller ?

  • beth said:

    how long it would take before the shipment from the seller arrive? 快递
    is for how many days? its been 3 days now since i paid the goods but i havent receive anything yet!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Beth, usually Kuaidi takes about 3 days, you can check your order status, here’s a simple guide to do this. it’s also possible that the seller ran out of stock and left you a message in wangwang chat. check it out, see if there’s messages from this seller. or maybe wait a couple more days, see if it’s just delayed by kuaidi accidentally. let us know if you still don’t receive it or anything else happens. good luck~ =)

  • beth said:

    i was so disappointed with my order! i tracked the shipment and it says
    2009-08-26 20:04 已签收,签收人是,so i was shocked! i called the freight company only to find out that these shipment arrived in shenzhen! i called up the seller and you know what she had told me? she said” oh,that is not your tracking number,i just faked it because i dont have time to ship it! she added ” anyway,if you want i will ship it tomorrow! i hanged up! i cannot bear listening on senseless reasons like these! MY GOD!!! what a desperate and stupid person! what if 10 days had gone by and i didnt called her? i didnt confirm receipt because i havent receive anything, then i cannot apply for a refund yeah???? do taobao allow things like this to happen? she is one hell of a nincompoop!

  • laobanniang said:

    Oh NO! that’s totally unacceptable!!! Shameless lady! Taobao will certainly not allow this to happen. However, any refund process is unpleasant, and for you could be more trouble with the language barrier. but bad ppl has to be punished, Beth!! You need to report this to Taobao, and get your money back!! Here’s how to do it. 1). First talk to the Seller about this with Wangwang, save the screenshot of the conversations as evidence to prove that she faked the delivery info and never sent the good. keep it. 2). get your money back, follow this guide for refund without receiving a product. it usually takes a long time and you’ve to check the refund status to make sure it doesn’t expires at your end, after I think 2 rounds of unsuccessful mediating between you and the seller, you’ll get a button to involve Taobao service person, and upload your chat history as evidence. then you’ll get your money back no problem. 3). usually when you get your refund, the order status will be “交易关闭”(transaction closed), that means you can’t give black flower to the seller any more. if you really want to punish the seller for wasting your time and energy and for the unethical behavior, Laobanniang had just called the service to find out how, I’m be writing an other guide on this tonight. I’ll update the link here later. Cool libra will not tolerate filthy injustice! =P

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Beth, the new guide is ready, here’s how to report unethical sellers to taobao. check it out! =)

  • Tree said:

    Hey thanks for the quick reply.I got one more doubt.I heard that we could actually bargain on the price listed in taobao,with the sellers.Suppose the seller agrees to our request and reduces price for me…….where will i go and buy for the reduced amount…will the seller provide a order web page exclusively for me….or should i ask him something else,if so can you also please provide the Chinese characters for that…..Thanks a lot in advance!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Tree, nice to see you again! =D On Taobao, sellers don’t set up new links for the bargained price, you still need to buy through the same link after you agreed with the seller upon a price. After you order it, don’t pay the money right away, tell the seller through Wangwang chat to change the price to the one you agreed upon for you. (You can say “老板我拍下了,请帮我把价格改到说好的那个。”) After he says “done”, you can check it at “已买到的宝贝” and see if the transaction price is correct now, if it is, then pay. (BTW, Alipay will notice you with an email every time the seller changes the price after you ordered a product. ) Have a nice weekend! =)

  • Tree said:

    Thank you loaobanniang……
    so,that is to say that that i should order the product,but dont pay for it by typing in the payment password,but to close it and come back to my order page and wait until the seller changes the price for me,right?……

  • laobanniang said:


  • Philip johansson said:


    First of all I have to say that this is a BRILLIANT website. Thank you to all of the people involved in making this.

    I made an account and went to the post office to buy a recharge card. I then put the money on my account. Everything went well. Then, I ordered a product and wanted to put in the password to confirm the payment. This did not work and I came to a page that said I have to activate my alipay account. I pressed activate but now it is asking me for my passport number and all this information. I dont know which one to select under “passport type” and so I can not confirm the payment on my product. What can I do?? I dont see a guide to this on this website so i figure that everyone somehow got around it?? Please help! Thanks!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Philip, for the “passport type”, since you don’t have a Chinese ID card, you should select “护照”(passport) and then type in your passport number. I’m a bit confused about which step you come across this problem, sounds to me you had already activated your alipay account because you were able to input money into your account from the recharge card, and the “activate alipay account” link/button should be the last step, the information filling should be prior to that… since my account is already registered, it’s hard for me to test it out again for you. Would you please double confirm with this two guide carefully and figure out witch step went wrong? Taobao Registration & Alipay Registration. If you still got problems, please contact us again or call Taobao service hotline 0571-88157858 if your Chinese is good! =)

  • Philip said:

    Thank you for your feedback. I don’t actually think that your guide was wrong at all. It is brilliant I must say. I think I just understood everything wrongly. What happened was that even though I left the check box checked (when i registered for the account) I had an alipay account but it was not activated yet, just like you said. I was able to put money into the account and everything, I was even able to make an order. The only thing that I was not able to do was to pay for the order. It asked me for a password and of course my password for the taobao account did not work. After 3 tries it told me that my account was not actually activated yet. It then told me (in Chinese) that I had to go to this certain page and click these certain options. This took me an hour as I was not sure where to click but i figured it out. Then I had to sign up for the account just like it says on your guide to registering for alipay. After doing this and confirming the email, it worked and I was able to pay. So what I think happened was that even though I left the box checked that I wanted an alipay account, I still had to register. After this however, it worked without a problem. I had to go to my account main page, then to my account settings, management, and there was a link to activate the account.

  • amy said:


    can you please give me the chinese characters for consoladating the order and having only 1 shipping fee? Thank you so much in advance.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Amy, when you buy stuff, instead of clicking the orange “buy now” button(立刻购买), you just click the blue “add to shopping cart” button(加入购物车), so when you’re ready to check out, you’ll only be prompt with 1 shipping fee. That’s how you consolidate your orders. For detailed instruction, check out this guide

    . Reminder: You can only consolidate shipping fee for multiple items from one seller, not from different sellers.

  • DanDan said:

    I had the same problem as Philip.
    I just put in my chinese name, “护照”(passport) and then a random number (my old passport number) which seemed to do the trick.

    But because I had problems the first time around, I have three unwanted transactions all ‘等待买家付款’. I can’t work out how to delete/close them!

    Fantastic website by the way!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Dandan, buyers can not delete the transactions by themselves. If you want to delete the unwanted transactions, you can leave a message to the seller and tell him to close it for you. =)

  • Elaine said:

    Hi, I live in Singapore and I am wondering if I can just buy from taobao without going thru some agent instead? And for foreigners, are there any means of payment beside Alipay (not sure if foreigners can reg for an acc with Alipay or not)and credit card? Such as payment upon receipt of purchase etc.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Elaine, currently you can only pay by Alipay or use your Chinese credit card.

  • henry said:

    Screen shots are out of date, taobao’s payment page doesn’t look like this any more.

  • Yoshi3329 said:

    How do I see what else the seller has to sell?

  • flasherwade said:

    You can only bid 5 times at the beginning as your credit rating is between
    0 yo 3.
    What kind of email service did you use.The comfirm mail maybe cann’t send to you for IP or domain block reasons.
    I suggest you buy things from Taobao Mall and not taobao sellers,for there
    are thousands of sellers in taobao like ebay,it’s difficult for you foreigner to distinguish.
    Taobao and Alipay constantly adjust the page layout for a better user experience.
    This means the net work between you and taobao.com is not very smooth,just like paypal reminds you that if you cann’t login five seconds refresh it.
    Now taobao support IE6.7 and firefox,but for stable.I suggest you use IE.
    If you buy more than one item,donn’t hurry to pay,the seller can combine
    shipping fees to ong freight if not overweight,it will save money for you.
    “快递” for you is UPS I think.
    If in China,delivery will be finished in 1 to 3days.
    For abroad maybe longger.

    I suggest try to ask some twitter users in China ,most of them will help you.

  • Barbie said:

    I have same problem with Philip.I put the money on my account. It is looked like my Alipay account activated with 500yuan. But when I ordered a product, there are other windows opened and let me choose payment condition and it is look like I didn’t activate my alipay account. When I choose “wanghuiE payment” it is asking me for numbers again and my secret code for the taobao account and of course it did not work. What can I do?? I dont see a guide to this on this website. otherwise I have to wait it works on..? but how long?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi 尼曼, After you negotiated a new price with the seller, you can just go ahead purchase the item, I mean click the “立刻购买(Buy it now)” button, but don’t pay for it right away. Tell the seller that you have bought it, and ask him/her to change the price for you to the amount you both agreed on. After the seller notified you that it has been changed, refresh the payment page and double check if the amount is correct. Then just input your password to complete the payment.

  • Michelle said:

    Hey. what do you suggest when you get to this option on the page where you put in your address?


       * 匿名购买(选择后,您对该宝贝的出价、留言和评价都将匿名。)
       * 找人代付(选择后,您可以指定朋友帮您付款。)

  • Michelle said:

    I’m sorry. maybe this was answered some where but what do you suggest for these options?


    * 匿名购买(选择后,您对该宝贝的出价、留言和评价都将匿名。)
    * 找人代付(选择后,您可以指定朋友帮您付款。)

    again… sorry if I’m asking something that was already answered. I haven’t been able to find this anywhere… thank you again for your generous help.

  • Sayang said:

    Hi ,I had a similar problem with Beth, I ordered from April 15, waited until now my package is yet to come as well,about 4 days ago I received an email from alipay to confirm if I’ve received the goods or not if yet I must contact the seller but I try contact the seller via phone or mobile phone, sms, email, she/he never returned. what should I do??? to contact the courier they all in chinese .
    This has never happened before during my shopping is going WELL , but i think only happened to this SELLER ( i put my effort to text her /him again and try to tell her/him to send me an email in chinese so i can reply him/her with my translator )but she/he never respond it .

  • prasanna B said:

    Thanks for your great guide.Very helpful


    Prasanna Ba

  • Sayang said:

    a few days ago I asked my Chinese friends to find out about my package has not arrived since April 15 by calling the courier company and they said that they sent the wrong package in town so I had to wait for the package but has not yet arrived. This is very weird but on the other hand I was shopping with another seller went well even though sometimes my package arrived within two weeks.
    I have a question how to change the review for the seller, I commented to one of the sellers I buy my goods and how can I change my comment to them?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Michelle, sorry for the late reply, we were out travelling recently. 匿名购买 means anonymous purchase, all your comments and reviews after buying this product will be anonymous on Taobao; 找人代付 is a new payment option, it means if you don’t have an alipay account, you can type in one of your friends(who has money on their alipay account) to pay for your transaction. Hope this helps. =)

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Sayang, Sorry for the late reply, It was a long holiday. I’m sorry to hear all the trouble you went through. If the package never arrived, the first thing you should do is check your transaction status. if it is “卖家已发货”(seller had delivered), if Yes, then click in “详情”(details) and then the “收货和物流信息”tab, there’ll be a link “查看物流信息” to let you check your address and track the logistic detail of this package. Never confirm your payment before you have received the package. If you got reminders from Taobao saying that it’s almost time for them to confirm the transaction automatically for you, and your package is still not at your hand yet, just click “退款”(refund), and choose “I’ve never received the good”, the seller will usually start to contact you more and try to settle this problem for you, it will also win you more time. You can find out the refund guide here.

  • Nicholas said:

    I think you should stop recommending taobaonow.com to users. Provide very unprofessional service. My first time using taobaonow will be my last. Pre-sale and paid for a phone through him and my item has never come. Paypal freezes my account demanding invoices from my buying agent. Sent 7 emails or more to taobaonow asking for help and i got 0 reply from them. I lost a thousand because of this missing product and 2000 stucked in paypal because of their non-responsive behaviour.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey Nicholas,
    Super sorry about your bad experience. It is true that after a strong run in the beginning, TaobaoNow is not what it used to be. We no longer recommend them in our Taobao Agents section, and instead have 2 great agents which have never let us down. I just noticed and removed the old comments from this thread that mentioned TBN, and contacted them about your issue.

  • rommel5064 said:

    Hello I’m new at taobao I’m trying to order something but the problem is I don’t know anything about writing chinese character is it really ok if I write everything in english on my delivery address but I may also have a problem I work and live in a factory and I don’t know the street address(which taobao requires)where the factory is located they say it doesn’t have a name becausa maybe it is a private street I only know the name of our factory and the industrial zone it is located and also the main street is outside the factory please help and advise me on these one I need to buy stuff lots of it if I can pass through that address problem thanks a lot

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Rommel, a correct address is very important. We strongly recommend you put it in Chinese, maybe ask your colleague to help type it into the address column. Once you used it, it will be saved in taobao, you don’t have to ask for help every time. Your colleagues might also be able to describe the location of the factory in Chinese very well, with their local experience on this matter.

  • rommel5064 said:

    thanks laobanniang, i hope it will solve my problem by following your advise wait for my good news and get back to you soon thanks and more power to TFG guys

  • rommel5064 said:

    hello laobanniang, i just made my first purchased with taobao with a little glitch but with the help of google translator i managed to chat with the seller and made a purchased and close a deal and now i will just wait for the “baby” to arrive and i hope it will meet my expectations as it looks good on his/her website tks for your advise will return to you and tell you more about my purchased tks

  • rommel5064 said:

    hi laobanniang i am happy that my transaction when out fine i just received my goods in just two days from two different seller and the the products was good so i give them high praises on their efforts and give them good seller rankings hope to do more puschased on Taobao and hoping that all my transactions will also go smoothly anyway i don’t mind because your always there to lay a helping hand for us keep it up tks.

  • Kiala said:

    I heard that you can pay for taobao items with a mastercard now. How can I do this?

  • Sarah said:

    Hi. I live in Canada and I try to buy things using my VISA card.
    I know only some sellers offer this option.
    Apparently only VISA from within a certain area is accepted.
    How can I buy from taobao??
    I don’t have a bank acct in China.

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Sarah, if you live abroad, you’ll have to use one of the Taobao Agents to buy from Taobao.

  • Reah said:

    I emailed Obook regarding what I need to buy but there was no reply. How long do they reply on emails?

  • Anonymous said:

    use google transleter, the option translate the hole page, it translate in real time :) and brrrrah! it’s as easy as that !

  • julie said:

    I have a question , about the payment . I have a paypal account but it’s took too long to transfer the money from my bank to the paypal account . So that i wanna purchase in the different way . I’m having a master card, could i used that ??!!

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Julie, Taobao doesn’t support paypal, it supports credit cards but only Chinese ones…

  • LoriAnn said:

    How do you recommend going about bartering? What Hanzi sentences would be useful?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi LoriAnn, do you mean exchanging product with product? the Chinese word for it is “以物换物”. But I’m not sure how can you do it on Taobao. The site is basically designed for selling and buying rather than exchanging. It could be risky for both party without the escrow money guaranteed with Alipay.

  • Priscilla said:

    Hi, i keep having errors activating my account. it says 激活失敗. i tried both gmail and hotmail accounts but i still cannot get it done. Is there any other way?

  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Priscilla, I searched the web for possible cause of similar errors, but can’t find any. However, the official Taobao service website say you can always call the service hotline, and ask the staff to activate it for you manually. The taobao service number is 0571-88158198.

  • LoriAnn said:

    Oh, no I just meant negotiating a lower price. I do it in person in the markets all the time but didn’t know if there were tips or etiquette for online, or useful phrases that work well on TaoBao? (It just seems a little different because I cannot exactly “walk away” as part of negotiations to get a lower price!)

    I have another question — should I get a ship confirmation or something? I ordered a product 3 days ago, paid for it 2 days ago, but its status is still “等待卖家发货”. I messaged the seller using the WangWang chat (she was on her cell phone) asking whether she has shipped the product or not but she has never responded (it’s been an hour and a half).

  • vanessa said:

    and if i want to buy 2 things?

  • maggie said:

    I keep being asked for my 请输入支付密码. I have entered the only password I have with Taobao and Alipay, and they keep telling me I’m entering the wrong password. Have gone into Alipay to change, no luck. I’m at a total loss here–help!

  • Bruno said:

    Hi TFG! Thanks so much for this field guide, it’s VERY helpful. Jut to pay a little bit forward, I’d like to share my experience. I followed all your instructions from the start and was able to create a taobao account with alipay, even with my mac using safari. So as for that issue is concerned, I think it may have been resolved. Next up was buying a top-up card from my local china post, which i was able to do with a little help from a chinese-speaking friend (i cannot speak chinese myself). My friend encouraged me to try filling out the name part with my english name (but gave me an emergency chinese name that’s very easy to write just in case), and I did so. It went without hitches and I got the recharge slip with my english name printed out on it. However, when i got back to the taobao and alipay website came a bit of a problem…

    Before inputting my recharge card, alipay asked me to install a security plugin. Luckily yet again, they already have a mac+safari plugin (as opposed to earlier comments that only windows+IE work with the plugin). I installed this and had to restart my browser. upon doing so, i encountered yet another road-block. alipay was now asking me to “activate” my account. I had an alipay account, but it was NOT activated yet. So now, even if you have an alipay account automatically with your taobao account by checking that box at the start, you apparently still need to go through the process outlined in the “creating an alipay” account page of this guide. I was afraid I would be stumped from here, especially because I tried entering the details in the boxes (my non-chinese details) but kept failing to register. I was about to give up, thinking either my non-chinese passport or my non-hanzi name was the cause of the failure, when I tried changing my non-china phone number into a random local number. Lo and behold, it worked!

    So now i have a taobao account, an alipay account with non-chinese details (except for the phone number. would this be a problem?), and some RMB on my account. Next step would be to try and actually purchase something to see if it works. THANKS so much TFG! Lastly though, since i have an account already and all, can i continue making purchases once i leave china and transact from a different country?

  • Danine123 said:

    I would like to order from Taobao. I am in Canada. I need an agent. How much do they cost?

  • Mali said:

    Dear Taobao Field Guide!!! Thank you so much for your great website!!!
    I made my first order with your help! Hope it won’t fail :)

  • exodus said:

    when i try to buy via visa when i need to put in my expiary date of my card it comes up with a digitil number pad which doesnt work, any way to fix this ?

  • Courtney said:

    Oh wow.. Massive problem for me. I managed to make a taobao account and put money onto it.. However, when I try to buy things it asks me to enter my alipay password.. Which should be the same as my taobao password but isn’t.. So I asked alipay to send me my password but it said my account wasn’t activated.. So I tried to activate my account but it wants me to log in first. How do they not see the flaw in such a system? What can I do to solve this problem of mine? I’ve now been locked out of my account and can only wait three hours or “找回登录密码” when I “找回登录密码” it takes me to a page that tells me “抱歉,密码找回出错。
    您的支付宝账户未激活,请激活后重新设置支付密码。” I try to do so and get an e-mail saying “恭喜恭喜!您已在淘宝网免费获得一个支付宝账户:


    I click that link.. And it takes me to the login page and says “为了您的资金安全,请使用支付宝账户名重新登录。” I attempt to login with what should be my password and this comes up “登录密码连续错误次数超过 5 次,如需立即登录请找回登录密码,或3个小时后重新尝试登录。” .. Process is then repeated.
    Help, please!
    I can log in using my taobao username and password.. But after that there’s nothing I can do without activating my account.. Which can’t be done without my password.

  • Crystal tlk said:

    Help me plz!!
    I cant finish my Registration with new form of Taobao registration

    Taobao has changed new form of Registration
    and i choose to get activation by email but after i write my email, it always ask for activation by Mobile phone…
    damn, I dont have Chinese or Hongkong phone number to fill the form…

    How can I create a new account with new form???
    Help me plzzz

  • Sigrid said:

    I have the exact same problem as Courtney.
    Alipay keeps on saying my password is wrong, but it is not…


    what to do?

  • SoulBlader said:

    Urgent!!!! hey, i am in singapore. And I found a lot of nice stuffs in taobao, but wondering how to buy it. I tried to pay it, but i couldnt found any bank that i can make payment for it , seems like it only accepts China bank.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    You are gonna need a Taobao Agent.

  • MapleLover said:

    Yea, Hey, i can recommend a trusthworthy taobao agent to you. Go visit sg.hoyoyo.com. I am also in Singapore, and i had tried 2 taobao agents which is daigou65 and hoyoyo. And then i found that hoyoyo really charges cheap, only $8 per kg, which daigou charged me for $8 for 500g. I bought a lot of items thru them. You can buy your items thru them. They noted down all the required steps that you need to buy the taobao items. You can recharge your alipay thru hoyoyo and then send the items to their warehouse in China, and then deliver to singapore. Or you can directly pay to hoyoyo, ask them to help you buy the items from taobao sellers and directly send it to singapore. Im sure you will get addicted after you buy your first items. Haha, Good luck!!!! 😛

  • Choufleur said:

    I’ve just done an ICBC credit card (小行家财e灵通卡), and I’ve applied to the internet banking. They gave me another card : e-banking code card (电子银行口令卡).

    On taobao, I’ve chosen 信用卡, then ICBC (my bank). Then 快递公司for the delivery, and then I clicked on : 确认无误,购买.
    Then there is a new page opens where I clicked on 登录到网上银行付款. A page of the bank opens (https//b2c.icbc.com.cn). There I put bank card number (支付卡(账)号)and the verification code (请输入右侧显示的验证码), and then I click on 提交.

    But it doesn’t work. An error message apears : 信息代码:96113156

    What does that mean ? Does someone can help me ?

  • kiss93 said:


    Il y a des personne qui parlent Francais ?


  • baotao said:

    hey , i am from malaysia , i have problem filling in the address form , province , postal code

  • Sad said:

    The new way of registration no longer matches with Alipay or Taodot if you are in Hong Kong. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do?

  • jess said:

    same problem as the other huy up here when i try to use my VISA the digital keyboard doesnt do nothing i cant put down my numbers any one can help please???

  • Aki Phantomhive said:

    hi there, the thing is… i can not add my phone number on the 1st step (confirm the order). I’m from Viet Nam, so how can i write my phone number on it, i tried +84926886868 but it didn’t worked. i added 0084 on the front (international phone number) but it didn’t worked either. Can’t you help me plz>”<
    Thank you~

  • Aki Phantomhive said:

    hey, i’m from Viet Nam, i have problem filling in phone number and home phone. Could you help me, plz>”<

  • Mark said:

    The part where it says “(In the image below, the seller has 99.44% feedback on 716 transactions.)” – the 716 transactions is WRONG! (I’m Chinese) the Chinese characters next to the figure 716 means the amount of products the store has for sale, not the number of transactions it has made.

    Hope you make this correction asap.

  • tomato said:

    Hi guys,
    I got some problem when registering to be a member. They ask about what country i am and number but its not in their choice. i tried to make up as well but nothing worked so help!!!! i need to be a member T_T

  • Georgi said:

    Lately when I browse the taobao results list, most of the images do not appear. This is happening more and more frequently. The description is there and if I click on the product it takes me to the transaction page, but the image is also not displayed there either. Sometimes further down the page there is another image, but this is a lengthy process as the result list iamges are what I look at to determine whether I wish to procede to the transaction page.

  • Joy said:

    Hi, I’m from singapore. I have a credit card from BOC however when i tried to make payment in alipay they asked for mobile number in 11 digit. How do i fill in the 11 digit?

  • Raul Luiz said:

    How can I open a Tabao account without Chinese mobile number?
    I tryed several times sign up, but every thing show a pop up asking for a mobile number to complete the registration… anybody could help me?

  • kfentd1 said:


    I live in Shanghai and want to order from Taobao, and wanted to make a account (the comments on the make an account page wouldnt work so i type here.)
    I did all the details and stuff, and came to the confirmation thing. It said write your phone number, so I did. Then it said phone number non existent. So i went to the email confirmer, asked for my email, then asked for my phone number again, and again said number is non existent. That is annoying. I’ll add that I have tried to make a account before but when they sent the confirm code to my phone I had no credit so I didn’t receive it. Suggestions on how to overcome this problem? thanks in advance.

  • Annon said:

    What if I have no postal code? I have entered all the information except my postal code and it won’t let me click the “continue” button. Like the blue one. Please help.

  • Agus said:

    HI i bought i some shoes on taobao, but one of the pairs was not the one i ordered, ive tried comunicating with the seller by wangwang but when i click on the contact icon it asks me for a verification message and then nothing happens…what can i do to return this and get the ones i ordered?

  • Dany said:


    I wonder if some store delivery in Brazil?
    Thank you!!

  • jsam said:

    i wanted to buy an item from taobao, but i’m from overseas. i treid to register with the address, but thet say my address is too long and my handphone number format is not correct. how to solve this? thanks.

  • Jaime said:

    Is this guide still usefull? I think Taobao’s layout change quite a bit. I can not guide myself now. Will you be updating the guide, any time soon?

  • zemeimei said:

    can i use paypal to pay forum taobao?

  • Mingzi said:

    I have lived in China before and am going back there to do a flight transfer to Thailand, and I am staying in the Beijing airport for approx 10 hours.

    They do have China Post there, so I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to put some money into my Taobao account then, and order the stuff to Thailand instead? Do the Taobao sellers provide international shipping, and how do I ask for it?

    Thanks alot for your help!

  • tadjo said:

    i have same problem with Choufleur ,,but my atm card is bank of china,,anyone can help solving this issue? it keeps telling that the username and password is incorrect..

  • aj said:

    hey i want to do shopping from taobao and i have bank of china account and i bought the bank of china card and device which connects bank of china account to taobao for online shopping but i dont know how to use it and please i need a guide about it…i have only 20 days left in china

  • Apple said:

    To Exodus:
    Are you from america? I had to call aliwangwang. And they said they don’t accept american visa or mastercards. Visa and Mastercards must be from china/hong kong/taiwan/macau. I hope this helps!

  • usawez said:

    You can use PayPal or American Credit Cards to buy ‘Taobao Recharge Cards’ that let you buy from Taobao otherwise you need to go to China Post using cash.

  • Denis said:

    I saw this website and i can say i’m in love. I want to buy, and don’t understand nothing.
    Can anybody help me ?
    And how i can pay?
    I am from Romania. near Hungary.
    Thanks and i’m waiting.

  • colette said:

    So I may be off topic here but have to ask. I am looking to buy clothing to resell and would like to know if the clothing is authenic or imitation. And if it is imitation, how good is the quality? Please let me know if you know of any info on this.

    Thank you

  • Joe said:

    First question is. If I live in houston, tx within the united states can I order directly from taobao.com? If so what would be the exact province, city, district , and postal code I select in Chinese?
    Second question is. What is the best taobao agent that anyone would recommend using to order from taobao?

  • Sunshine said:

    Excuse me, may I ask whether it’s possible that I can go on taobao.com and purchase clothing and items, but I’m located in the USA. How can I get the website to ship my purchases over? I heard that you have to contact an agent to get products to be shipped over to the USA. I happen to speak and write Chinese. Any advise?

  • osa旗舰店 said:


  • ELLIE said:

    how much does it cost to ship all the way to US from China ?

  • Renny said:

    I tried to buy from this site a few times.
    First time didn’t receive the item.
    2nd time, the seller said because of Hong Kong Customs problem, they can’t send it to Hkg, even though you can choose to send to Hkg when you buy the item.
    3rd time, I just cancel the order, because of 2nd buyer explanation.

  • Leia35 said:

    I went to China post in Haikou to buy a recharge card, and after spending more than one hour filling in the forms, even typed payment password in their machine, they told me this card was only available for Chinese nationals and that I should open a bank account and get a Chinese bank card. I thought this way of payment was suitable for foreigners. Did they change the rules?

  • lf said:

    hi..let;s say i wanna get different sizes for the same design..how do i select? thks

  • Comon said:

    Is there people that will help us to buy the recharge card because I want to buy from the website but doesn’t want any agent

  • alee said:

    can I buy from taobao without signing up? it sucks that they dont accept unionpay. .

  • svn90 said:

    this is first time is use taobao,and i gotis message below.i don’t understand what the last message that i receive, and is written in orange.it said that my goods have arrivend at fenghuang company and there is no next destination after that.what that suppose to mean???

    2012-06-17 20:09:19 北京通州公司 的收件员 刘华亮已收件
    2012-06-17 20:36:01 由北京通州公司 发往 北京中转部
    2012-06-17 22:36:31 快件已到达北京中转部 扫描员是 陈银鹏 上一站是北京通州公司
    2012-06-17 22:42:40 由北京中转部 发往 北京凤凰城公司
    2012-06-18 06:59:29 快件已到达北京凤凰城公司 扫描员是 李 上一站是

  • svn90 said:

    this is first time is use taobao,and i gotis message below.i don’t understand what the last message that i receive, and is written in orange.it said that my goods have arrivend at fenghuang company and there is no next destination after that.what that suppose to mean???

    快件已到达北京凤凰城公司 扫描员是 李 上一站是

  • Anonymous said:

    hi im from the philippines and there is no philippin in the category….i cannot proceed with my account without my phone no…what should i do?

  • Anonymous said:

    I got some problem when registering to be a member. They ask about what country i am and number but its not in their choice. Please help…

  • Vananh said:

    I want to ask that Can I pay in taobao through ATM card or Debit card? I have one of ICBC.

  • Rui said:

    Taobao sucks,why I said so? Let me explain it to you…I’m a Chinese international student and I live in Australia right now. Few days before I was trying to buy a laptop on Taobao(Asus N46,it costs less in China compare with in Australia),but I found that i’v no balance in my Taobao account.So I asked the customer service online,and a lady said that I can’t transfer money to my account through a foreign mastercard(My credit card bank is Westpac).That was inconvenient. Then,I’v to buy a stack of China mobile prepaid card(300RMB each,and the laptop costs 8200RMB…)
    Anyway,Taobao should find some solutions,or let us use paypal to make payments at least.

  • 娜娜 said:


  • Fransca said:

    娜娜, i am Malaysian also, how you buy from Taobao? Can teach me?
    beside go through agent, any other way you use?

  • 娜娜 said:

    Fransca, 对不起..我暂时没有买过..所以才会来这里问..我也不知道要怎么买..:(

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Agents are the only way, but good news: Agents are great. Use an Agent!

  • Ewetse Paul Maswikiti said:

    你们好, 请帮我买东西在taobao.我已经报名了。 谢谢您的合作。

  • bimnguyen said:

    what if the sellers don’t bring my goods to my shipping address after i paid for them?

  • Ana said:

    Please I need a help. Can I buy from taobao without a chinese ID? I have an chinese bank account, but when I tried paying it asked an ID with 18 numbers!! Had someone have the same problem?

  • huehanvien said:

    Pleese ! Im from Vn , and i dont have bank account i just have Visa ? so can i buy something on taobao, and i cant register account on taobao because i dont have telefone number in china :( I need a help ??

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    You will need a Taobao Agent

  • Evonne said:

    Hi Mel, You need to have a china mobile nbr as they do not accept S’pore mobile nbr. I had this problem at first too.

    Can I check with you which agent are you using to ship your stuffs to S’pore?

  • Evonne said:

    Hi Mary, you do not need to have a china bank to purchase your stuffs. They do accept VISA now. But you need a shipping agent to ship your items to S’pore. As Taobao do not shipp their items to S’pore.

  • Peipei said:

    hello wanna ask how to key in malaysia address in taobao.com? i cant get it, and keep showing this : “请填写街道地址,最少5个字,最多不能超过60个字,不能全部为数字或字母”.

  • Ber said:


    So your illustration above is only meant for buying from Taobao in China, without engaging an agent.

    I am in singapore. Is there any way which I can pay using a Bank of china credit card and buying direct without engaging an agent?

  • Addie said:

    Is it possible to order more than one thing from one supplier without having to pay the shipping fee for each and every one of the items?

  • Evonne said:


    I’m looking for pple who are in S’pore & wants to purchase from taobao. We can combine our stuffs & ship together to save shipping cost.

  • Jima said:

    I am living in singapore, have been buying from taobao since months ago. I hope this provides some guides for someone who prefer to do your own purchase. Firstly my method of payment is by Alipay, thus you will need to open an alipay account and a taobao account. You need someone with China Bank account to recharge your alipay account, for me I seek my friend for help to do the recharge. I recommend this website hoyoyo.com, they provide Alipay recharge as well, and also they provide delivery service to home which is considered cheap as compared to the rest. I guess malaysian can also use this service.

  • Shae said:

    So, will this work if I live in Arkansas?

  • Ed said:

    It’s not letting me order my pass word not working

  • Suri Nguyen said:

    Hi guys ^^
    I’m Vietnamese and don’t live in China but I want to buy things from taobao. I’ve read the instruction here http://taobaofieldguide.com/taobao-guides/buying-on-taobao-from-overseas

    This article said that “unfortanetly, you won’t be able to add any money to your Taobao account. Taobao’s Alipay (like Paypal) can only be funded by Chinese banks, or by buying recharge slips locally in China.”

    I have a Chinese bank account (in Hanoi brand)so can I pay like a buyer in Chinese and if I can, how could I fund for the Taobao’s Alipay?

    About the shipping, I know Taobao shops is’t familiar with sending goods oversea. But I know a shipping company located in China, and Taobao shop can send the goods to the local address(after that they send to me in Vietnam)

    I only get trouble in payment process like above, I don’t know whether I can pay through a Chinese bank account in Vietnam brand or not

    Help me please, thank you in advance <3

  • James said:

    Hey dudes, great guide. Question: When items are in ‘pending payment’, is that pending a payment confirmation from myself, or waiting for the seller to confirm the sale? Not sure if I need to do anything else, or everything is ordered. Cheers.

  • DOMENICO said:


  • celin said:

    am frm malaysia,I wanted to buy smtg frm taobao but i unable to buy it. how does it actually work. i hope tat someone can give me some response. thanks

  • trust said:

    im registered in taobao, but as im about to pay,it asks me to log in alipay account, but i dont have alipay account and i cant register on paypal or alipay because it asks for the chinese citizenship or chinese id card number…how to solve this problem?

  • rooz5002 said:


    Thank you for the guide. I think its fantastic. I’ve started to use it sometimes ago. My Chinese is not very and I could manage to pay at the post office, charge my taobao account,and buy things from TaoBao.

    However, recently I order something which is not delivered. On the website shows that the delivery is successful and because its about 10 days, I can’t demand a refund. I asked my friend to call the delivery company, they said they never recieved it. I email the seller, there is no answer. The buyers tel number is not in service. Can you tell me if there is anything I can do to chase the problem please?

  • Beth said:

    Good Day! This step by step guide is very useful. i used this from the start and things we’re ok. until i bumped on a issues during the payment. my account has money, (from the china post slip) and it is showed on my alipay account. but when i try to buy something and try to pay, my password doesnt work, and i always get this message : The payment password has been locked, it is recommended that you retrieve your password. and when i try to retrieve all the letters are in chinese, asking me to upload a file (business licence scan – according to google translator website) and i cant figure out what to do. each time i sign in with my account, things are ok, i dont have problems with password, but when i try to payout, i cannot get through. please help. i badly need the things that i bought. and it’s waiting for my payment. thanks a lot and more power to this site. God bless!

  • Kaysie said:

    but 快递to where , must have a address !?

  • jay webb said:

    when i went on taobao today to purchase some shoes i get a noticication saying my account has been suspended, i had just logged in earlier today and had no issues?? can someone help me figure out why it has been suspended and what i have to do to correct this problem!! i love this site and it would suck to not be able to have access when i tried to create a new login it asked for phone verification via a chinese number wich i obviously dont have

  • vannie said:

    I have the same problem as jay webb! I purchased some items, but the next thing you know, my account is “suspended” and requires a china phone number to verify, but i don’t have one! I don’t want to loose the money spent on it either! Please, help!

  • Milly said:

    I am having difficulties with this website. First of all, the purchases. I ordered a few items and payed. I waited for over two months, so I started looking for a way to contact the seller on the confusing website. I discovered the IM, and found that the seller had told me they weren’t able to ship it since I did not pay the full shipping price. That is ridiculous! I selected the slowest and cheapest shipping option and my address stated I was overseas (America). The seller demanded that I pay $20 more for shipping! We argued back and forth for a few months and the seller told me to refund. Finally I decided to pay the extra.
    As I clicked on the link the seller sent me (it was like an item, but labelled as “shipping”) and proceeded to pay, there came another problem, but it was more of a technical one. The website kinda got weird (I was used to it, google translate changing the whole page to English messing up the loading and all) so I refreshed. It prompted me to log in, but when I put in my info, it said that my account was suspended. I followed the steps to recovering it, but when it got to the phone number part, it denied my number. First I put 555-5555 (example), then 714-555-5555 then 1-715-555-5555, then 0017145555555, trying all with and without dashes to no avail.
    I could not get into my account, right when I was finally able to get my items over months of trouble. Please help! I reall want my items, even after all that trouble. What do I do?

  • Eliha said:

    I have a similar problem! My account was suspended unexpectedly and required a chinese phone number to verify through an SMS code, but unfortunately I do not have a chinese phone number. What do I do?

  • MAdiB said:


    I am from Romania and I’m trying to contact the chat support in a taobao store but the page just doesn’t wanna load. I tried to make an account (maybe this way would let me) but it requirs a chinese phone number for validation.
    How can I reach the sales team from this store?
    There aren’t any e-mail addresses publishes, the chat doesn’t work either.
    Please help.

  • sammy said:

    Hi together,

    I created an account, recharged my alipay account and tried to order.
    But I’m not sure if it works or not.
    I think alipay wants a real name certification. And I cannot get it without a chinese bank account. Is the verification necessary to pay something or not?

    I ordered something a week ago, I can see it in my alipay account.
    The status in alipay is 等待确认收货. Is everything ok, or do I have to do something else?

    thanks for your help,

  • lam said:

    I read that one can haggle down the price by chatting directly with vendor but I need to use a buying agent in Singapore, how do I get the agent to purchase at the agreed discounted price for I had to fill in the original price in the buyforme form.

  • Jennifer said:

    How to start to purchase??

  • Jennifer said:

    Is all Chinese wording can convert to English?? Thks

  • BLESSING said:

    hi please i’m really confuse right now on buying from taobao. right now i’m in malaysia. what should be my first step registration to taobao?

  • Lynn said:

    Heyy for de address do i fill it up in english or chinese? And how should i go about writing it? Like 新加坡… Or what? Im quite confused… And what is there are lost mails?

  • Laura said:


    I do live in china and do have chinese bank account (ICBC), but I want to buy some items to my family and send it to europe. Is it more resonable to buy it from taobao and ship it by myself through china post, or is it also possible that taobao sellers can send it directly to europe?

  • Shilpa said:

    First of all that’s for the detailed guide it is really useful. I have a problem though. one of my order is not yet delivered yet. and the transaction says its already finished. I tired calling the number of the seller. I pinged him but no reply. how do I get my money back? never faced such issue before. please help.

  • V said:

    I really want to shop at taobao.. minus all the extra charges that the agents take.. I am from India.. Is there a way?

  • Connie said:

    Can i check with you how to put singapore number in this
    Area Code – Phone Number – ext. i do not have ext number. 65-61234567-?
    Please help thank you

  • Anne Sophie said:

    Your guide is just great!
    Everything went fine till I came back from Post Office with my 200Y slip…
    It seems that the screeens changed a bit because I am unable to find the shortcut to enter the slip code!!!
    Can you please help?

  • rena said:

    .hi!…im from philipines….anyone can recommend me a trustworthy taobao agent?…i already created an account on taobao

  • CatPlatt said:

    Hi I followed your instructions and input the money that I paid at the Post Office to my taobao account, but in order to make a purchase you have to set up a 支付宝 and to do that you need to enter a Chinese name and id number. They would not accept my English name and passport number and when I used their online help service they said no, they will not accept a British national’s id number and the only thing to do is go back to the Post Office and try to get my money back! My Chinese friend helped me so I don’t think I was doing anything wrong, but I don’t understand – how can other foreign nationals in China buy things on taobao – seems like it works for everyone else!

  • Free Trade said:

    It’s too bad China makes it so difficult for overseas companies to operate. I actually prefer eBay’s policies and interface over Taobao. Hopefully, there will be trade reform in the near future but I won’t hold my breathe. The same thing happened when Google tried to enter the market. Chinese government sponsored hackers stole Google’s intellectual property and that is how Baidu was born.

  • Shopaholicmin said:

    Hi there! I have a blog that reviews things that I purchase, many of which are from Taobao. If you would like any of the items I’ve reviewed, I can purchase for you too. All the sellers and items are tried and tested! You’re guarranteed that you would get what you wanted in the first place. Do check my blog out!

    http://www.shopaholicmin.wordpress.com :)

  • First-timer said:


    I happen to come across your guide for buying stuffs on taobao. Its super useful and has indeed help me out quite a lot. Thanks alot for the help give. :)

    But there were issues which I am uncertain of. Like for the “快递“, do I have to pay for every items I made purchase of from the seller? As I have accumulated a few items under the same seller. Another issue, how can I go about bargaining with the seller? I read a few people saying about it which surprise me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    thank you.

  • Dan said:

    I am new to Taobao. Just created an acct. Added my cart with few items from a single seller. When i try to pay the bill, it pops up this:

    Current Order Status: Transaction Close
    Close Type: Seller cancel orders
    Reason: Order Status error, please contact sales customer service
    If in doubt, please contact the seller.

    I am from Malaysia.

    Does it matter if I was going back and forth at “My Cart” to see what is the total charges of shipment fee.

    Please help!

  • Vivian said:

    hi, is there a filter to search for product that support international forwarding? cos i tried to checkout the items n it hv a message that say “this seller do not support international forwarding”

    its troublesome cos i hv to search all over again… tks

  • Sam said:

    Hi I want to open an account but before hand I have a taopao app in my phone and and I searched for something and they say快递100.00 what does it mean??

  • 卡米 said:

    Hi I want to open an account but before hand I have a taopao app in my phone and and I searched for something and they say快递100.00 what does it mean??

    hi sam,

    this kind of shops is not real shop. they post times from other ships with the same price but they make their profit from high express charges.
    if the product is not very valuable like jewelry or expensive bags where can reach up to 3000$, or big product that needs special way of delivery, then the express charges should not be more than 20 RMB which is about 3$.

    always look at tow things when buying from taobao. the shop rating. and the number of purchases made for this time.

  • IvanW said:

    it seems that your link to the ‘sign up for TaoBao’ is broken…

  • Olya said:

    How to register post code?
    I have 5-digit code, but system ask to write 6-digit…
    What need to do?

  • Anonymous said:

    I cannot make any payment 买家支付宝账号不存在. help!

  • Hmtara said:

    After i made the payment, and i recieved a message on my phone that the payment was success.. i opened my account in tao bao and it tells me “pending payment”.. is it that i have to do anything now?

  • Roy said:

    I live in USA. Is there any way to buy from USA and pay with credit card or PayPal? I typed in my credit card number but keep saying wrong credit card number.

  • Michelle said:

    I am international Tao Bao user, having my log in ID and password with TaoBao China.
    Do not have any China Bank account.
    I normally top up using Tao Bao Card and make my purchase from Tao Bao card.

    However, recently my Tao Bao account had been blocked due to security issue.
    I am not able to provide my bank account number thus not able to log in Tao Bao account, appreciate if you could advice any solution on this matter?

  • skysky said:

    Hi michelle,
    What is taobao card and how did you get it?
    So is it okay to buy from taobao without agent? And does the seller understand to ship overseas?

  • una said:


    I alway buy from taobao and its great..but recently i have problem cant click the item in to the shopoing cart…it shows no movement when i click the item to be buy..please helo..tq

  • Lea said:

    Hye. Im from malaysia. Im Trying to register in taobao.but it seems like my phone num is incorrect.any suggestion on this? Since last month ive tried,but it is always incorrect. Help me pls. Thanks :(

  • Rae said:

    Hi im planning to order something and trying to have it shipped to honkong.
    It asked me for the postal code which hk does not have
    What should i do?
    (My mom just wrote 000-000) haha

  • 戴斯 said:

    I live in china and I want to buy on taobao but I don’t have an chinese ID Card what should I do?

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