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Sign Up for a Taobao Account


Update: old payment methods don’t work anymore

(DEC 2014) We have received reports of buyers not being able to recharge their account because they need to verify their ID with Taobao. This process seems to disqualify the payment methods we advised on the site previously for foreigners. There are a few alternatives / workarounds for payment: (see here and here) but your best option may be to use a good Taobao Agent if are just making a few purchases and wish to avoid the headaches. Below is provided as a reference on how to sign up, but the guides currently do not have guidance on payment. So if you do follow the following guide, be aware that as it stands currently, you will get stuck at the payment step and won’t be able to complete your purchase!



Registration Takes Less than a Minute

If you have ever signed up for anything online, the Taobao registration process will be very familiar.  Before you start, you will need a Chinese mobile phone.  You can also cross reference our guides with the official Taobao walkthrough for Asian customers who live outside of China. The processes are nearly the same.

Start by going to the Taobao registration page.

Step 1: Fill out your username / password / password again / CAPTCHA.  Hit the orange button.

Step 2: Type in your Chinese mobile phone number.  The link in the green box allows you to attach an email address to your account. You will still need to confirm with a Chinese mobile phone number.   That checkbox (that you can’t uncheck) will automatically give you a limited Alipay account (which can add money and buy stuff, but not take money out).

Step 3: A box will pop up asking you to type the 6-digit number sent to your mobile phone.

Step 4: That’s a bingo!  You are registered.

Next Step

But before you can start buying things, you will need to add money to your account. That means a trip to your local China Post Office to buy a Taobao Recharge Card.


  • John Wheaton said:

    I am having the same problem as others. I’ve been in China 5 years and have been using Taobao just fine, but I would like to add funds to Alipay from my CCB bank account. Although I have verified my identity, the Alipay site still requires me to enter a Chinese ID number, bank number, etc. So I am unable to recharge my Alipay balance. There is no foreign passport option. I would really rather not change my profile to say I live in HK. So, what can I do?

  • PJ said:

    You need a Chinese mobile number for registration. If you don’t have one, i doubt some app will help you. The only method I see would be to have some friend with a Chinese phone number give you the confirmation code.

    If anyone knows if it’s possible to register more than one account with one phone number, let me know. In that case I might be willing to help people out by providing my number and sending them the codes…

  • julia said:

    What is my ID number..it needs it for me to be able to add my bank card (Unionpay)

  • PJ said:

    For those trying to register:

    It IS possible to register without a Chinese number and Passport/ID.

    Simply select your country in the very beginning where you are asked for a user name etc. This will then lead on to allowing you to add a non-chinese phone number as well as a non-chinese ID number.

  • ashley said:

    hi i created my taobao account and i was checking out with my order and its asking for an ID, can you tell me what that is?

  • Ralph said:

    Is it possible to sign up as a foriegner with a Chinese phone number? I live in China and only have a Chinese phone number but it then asks me for a Chinese ID number, which I obviously don’t have. Any way around this? I have foreign friends who use the site just fine but they signed up a while ago, have things changed? Thanks for your help!

  • ivy said:

    Is it a must to do 快递 when I want to buy stuff bcuz this costs more than the thing I want to buy ?

  • Emily said:

    Question..while trying to set up my payment settings, I tried first for the alipay. That didn’t work, and now I’ve recharged my account at the post office, but I don’t know how to get to the page where I enter in my recharge code! Help!

  • Teana said:

    it show me that my phone number is wrong when i register. but how? the number is true

  • Timothy Takemoto said:

    Thanks for the link to the registration page.
    There is now an English language page at

    But all the same I failed to log in.

    One thing that perhaps Karo was having difficult with years ago is that one has to have at least one digit (0-9) in ones password.

    I can’t register because even though Taobao accepts my Japanese mobile number, no SMS is recieved by my phone. I have tried my number with or without the first “O”

    If I can’t use a credit card then it would be no good to me anyway.

    Many of the things on Taobao are also available on aliexpress or dx but Taobao seems cheaper.

  • ravi said:

    I am trying to register taobao but the verification code keeps getting wrong pls help.

  • emelly said:

    hi there I have a problem during registration instead they ask for where you are from and phone number. I wrote my phone number correctly but they won’t let me register it keep saying wrong number please help I’m from Malaysia

  • mary said:

    hi. i have been using taobao for more than 3years. i recently got an issue. whenever i try to log in to taobao, i am redirected to alibaba.com.https://passport.alibaba.com/ac/password_find.htm?fromSite=0&actionType=pc_stolen_open this is the link to where i am redirected. i tried to log in from other computers, it still shows the same. other people cou ld log onto their account using my computer though. could you help me solve this problem please? is it safe to enter my taobao account name and password here? i tried to create another account but i couldnt register because my mobile number is used for the current account and i dont know how to cancel this account.

  • Miley said:

    What if i dont have a chinese phone number?

  • shamenda said:

    Dear sir, I do not get the full page of taobao home page. I live in Dalian, China.

  • Michelle said:

    I live in the USA and I am trying to create a Taobao account, but when I submit my cell number to get a verification number, I either only get the very end of the message that says to “please call +86-571-88158198” with no first half showing the verification code or I get no message at all. Please help.

  • Sharon said:

    I just signed up to Taobao and get myself one of those Alipay recharge vouchers from the local post office.
    However, with my not so good Chinese, I had done the following:
    1. I signed up for an Alipay account without signing in to my Taobao account
    2. Now, I can’t link the two accounts together!!
    Please, can someone help me!? I’ve already put the voucher into the account and now I can’t do anything with it!! I’m practically locked out of Taobao in the Alipay account!!

  • Yee Mon said:

    I don’t have chinese ph no…how can i open an account???

  • D said:

    Hi I have created my taobao and alipay accounts, but when im about to buy anything , during the real name verification they ask for chinese id number. pls help

  • Eden said:

    How come not able to see the Captcha code when sign in Tao on computer?

  • abdolbashir said:

    i like tobe a membar of taobao Account

  • sangeeth said:

    hi guys
    i had registered my Taobao account and i am living in china i need to buy some clothing stuffs from Taobao
    so that i need to register my bank account in Taobao website
    i am not familiar with chinese language and i need to know the steps to be followed to add my bank account to Taobao account
    so that i can enjoy shopping
    please help me !!!!

  • Trejkaz said:

    I can’t get it to work.

    If I sign up with my email address, it tells me the email address is already in use on an account.

    That’s fine, maybe I signed up in the past. So I try to recover the password for that account, and now it tells me the email address does not belong to any account.

    So apparently I have Schrödinger’s email address.

  • yasri said:

    i cant put my mobile number (Malaysia) after register my email…..it say “Incorrect format of mobile phone number, please retry with a correct one.” can u help me?

  • sahjid mukhida said:

    when i am going to payment anything, this type of error shown on the screen and payment not happen.



    由于您的账号可能存在风险,为确保您的账号安全,请进一步完成实名认证: 立即完成

    can you please help me or
    help me to delete the taobao account

  • Alberta said:

    Hi am a foreign student in china and am trying to create an account on taobao. Well i succeded but the problem is adding my bank card. Anytime i try they keep rejecting my bank name and stuffs. To cut it short I can’t add my bank card? Please need help

  • rita said:

    Hello all.
    I live in Macau and had registered last week in taobao. I had some help to link my account to alypay and to the delivery office in Macau (so i can pick up the deliveries). I bought a coupon un seven eleven and charged my alypay account with the respective codes. After that, i should be able to perform any type of payment ( have a friend that does exactly like this, then, once in taobao account, just need to write the 6 numbers digist and thats it) BUT seems in my case, i still need to add a verification bank account to proceed. And has to be chinese account from china.why is now different? If i but coupons, i should be able to pay immediately.
    Please please help!

  • sithuaung said:

    Why can’t sign up im Myanmar? WTF Taobao

  • Ugwuonah Joel said:

    I want to sign up using The web browser On My phone But it always tell me That My phone number is wrong

  • farrel said:

    Hi, i’m having problem to login because i completely forgot my account id and password. when i try to recover using my mobile phone, it said that the account didn’t exist. but when i try to register new account using same number, it said that the number is tied to my previous account.

    any kind of help is much appreciate it.

    thank you.

  • Green said:

    I opened a Taobao/Alipay account a few years when ID was not needed. I didn’t use if for a while and left about 300 rmb in it. Now I want to buy something but it won’t let me use the money or move it my bank account without registering. It won’t accept any registration from me, even with a Chinese friend helping. It says I must use Chinese characters only for the name. Are those funds lost?

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