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Coffee From Yunnan

This one is something so good it bears repeating. You can get cheap, farm fresh coffee beans from China’s Yunnan province. And you should. This is the kind of hidden treasure that might otherwise get expensive organic packaging and a premium price. But you get it in a ziplock bag, and cheap.

Yunnan Coffee Beans

This coffee comes direct from Baoshan in Yunnan, fresh from the farm.


109rmb per kilo

If you need supplies, check our post on coffee stuff.


  • al said:

    which variety of bean is this? arabica?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Indeed it is Arabica! My European cohorts insist that this stuff is top-grade. ~~

  • Don said:

    This is a good find.

    However…if you happen to live in a Chinese city with an IKEA, you can get better-tasting beans there for the same price or even a little bit less.

    For my money, that’s the best-kept coffee secret in all of China.

  • kara said:

    ^ I’ve tried IKEA coffee, while it is the cheapest and has an alright taste, it’s hardly top taste quality as Field Guide above was talking about. For twenty kuai more I think the Marks & Spencer’s coffee is awesome…they offer over ten different in house varieties. The coffee ranges from 30-something kuai to 55 kuai I think. It’s great. Best tasting coffee in China so far. But M&S is only in the hai for now so the rest of y’all are SOL.

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