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Prepare Your Zombie Tactics with this Board Game

China is not the place to be in event of a zombie takeover

Let’s face it, Expats. We live in the most populated country on Earth. If a zombie apocalypse were to occur, we would be at a serious strategic disadvantage. So make sure that your zombie tactics are in place by playing out common zombie entrapment scenarios on cardboard.

One Step Beyond Settlers

Settlers of Catan is a fine game, but in this age of board game revival, it is quickly becoming a bit passé. If you really want to stay on the cutting edge of nerd fashion, you need to go one step further into obscurity.

So as I look to deepen my collection, like a wine collector carefully choosing vintage for my cellar, I would probably gravitate towards this zombie-themed board game.


Push the nerd dial to 11

After mastering the strategy of the game, many players turn to customization. For instance, your stock zombie figures probably need a custom paintjob.


Custom Game Cards

And if you feel like the rules need a tweak, you can print out your own custom game cards. There is a full community built around customizing board games, and this zombie game has received a full dosage of fan love. The full spectrum of zombie lore is represented. Bonus points for the Settlers of Catan reference on his shirt. 


The Last Night on Earth game board costs a big fat 450rmb on Taobao, so be sure you are ready to take on this commitment. 

Zombie Board Game – 450rmb

Culture courtesy of BoardgameGeek.com

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