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Young Communist Leader Takes China By Storm

Poor Huang Yibo, We understand

It seems like the cool thing to do these days for fenqing  kids is to tease this little kid on the internet for being patriotic. 13yr old, Huang Yibo has become a China star from  pictures that appeared depicting him looking like a young political leader with a 5 stripe armband. Red stripe armbands represent leader rank in Chinese schools and it has never been heard of to have 5 stripes.

Having lived our youth as Scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts much like this adorable little leader, we do not share the common public sentiment. We love this kid’s earnestness, and wish we could have been such an overachiever.

You guys just teased a baby shark…

…And that kid is going to remember every word of what you said. This 5 stripe armband youth leader may be just a kid today. But considering his current trajectory, it won’t be long before he has enough political juice to rein down fire and brimstone. Mark my words.

We prefer to hedge our bet and say that we pledge allegiance to this little guy. First step is by buying one of these shirts, and wearing it very un-ironically. We suggest you do too.

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  • Marcus said:

    I can’t even access the site, looks like I need a vpn to get there 😉

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