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Woodgrain Glasses from Japan


Tortoiseshell’s Hipper Cousin

Just look at that texture. Splendid! These woodgrain glasses come from Japan and look awesome. They are actually made out of plastic – I think wood would be far too fragile. But these are definately on my style short-list.

Can you really buy glasses on Taobao?

Heck yah, you can! It’s easy. Just pick your frames. Then pick out the lenses – they usually have a wide range of choices from basic glass to ultra-thin UV-coated polymers. Tell them your perscription and you’re done.

A Cheap Extra Pair

At this price, you can pick up a pair just to keep around as a spare. Or if you have a specific frame in mind, search up the model number to compare prices. (You can usually find the model number on the frames near the ear.) 


Sagawafuji glasses – 160 to 190rmb

Sagawafuji – 佐川藤井


  • Denis said:

    Pretty nice…. Whats the name Of the top immage frame?

  • Erik said:

    I second that question. Would love to know about the glasses in the image on top.

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