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Wii Fit is Space Pod Exercise


Balance and Calm

To get the full Wii experience, you will want to pick up the Wii Fit Balance Board. I tried it for the first time this past weekend, and I really liked it.  Besides zany minigames like Hula Hoop, Wii Fit focuses on nuanced movement with balance and yoga exercises.

A Kubrickian Vision of Exercise

The mood of these new Nintendo products is a step into the future. The clean white designs and gentle prompts are like some 2001: Space Oddessy vision of how we will someday exercise in our space pods.

Your Daily Stamp


When I was in 4th grade, my teacher turned me into a slave for gold-star stickers.  I was skipping recess and cleaning the overhead projector for those stickers. Skipping recess, dude. Nintendo pulls some similar psychological tricks to incite your gold-sticker addiction. But they employ these nefarious tactics to remind you not to skip recess.

Wii Fit encourages you to play for short periods every day. You get a stamp on the calendar when you finish your daily activities, and a chart to show your progress. The drive to get today’s stamp is just enough to overcome the inertia that kills most exercise plans within the first week.

The Board

The balance board accessory is a really nice-looking and sturdy machine. Most of the ones available on Taobao come with the Wii Fit game disc in traditional Chinese. But you should have a local shop that will be able to provide English editions of this and most other games. Accessory compatibility is not a problem on the Wii, and this Balance Board will be compatible with the Wii console we wrote about earlier.

Get Wii Fit on Taobao – 658rmb


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  • elias said:

    liking the Wii love from the Field Guide. Wii Fit is awesome, and actually helpful with some exercises as long as you don’t cheat. and i set a new world record on ski slalom last night. boo’yah!

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