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Why Do Chinese Girls Hate Beanbag Chairs?

Business Plan Step 1: Beanbag Chairs

Back in my first days in Shanghai, I had an idea that I was going to start a beanbag chair business. I was going to call it Shufubao 舒服包 – Chinese for comfy bag.  Shufubao was going to be a subsidiary of Shufu Industries, which would bring together a full suite of products to make you comfortable.

chinese beanbag girl (20)

Step 2: Synergy

For example, customers’ first impression of shufubao was to take place at one of our shufutou 舒服头 comfy head locations. shufutou is a dedicated hair washing/head massage salon. Instead of sitting in those weird rotating salon chairs (which are lame), you get to sit in a shufubao (which is awesome). Also, while you received a head massage, you could eat some of our shufudu 舒服肚 comfy tummy brand snacks. It was gonna be total synergy.

chinese beanbag girl (17)

Step 3: Profit?

Unfortunatly, my market research revealed that Shufu Industries was doomed to failure. It was clear that a key demographic – women – despised beanbag chairs and were even embarassed to be seen sitting in them.

chinese beanbag girl (21)

Come on ladies. What is this, Witness Protection?

chinese beanbag girl (16)

My test subjects became deeply pensive and clearly not comfortable. Staring at my purchase order for 30,000 beanbag chairs, I began to share these feelings.

chinese beanbag girl (13)

Ma’am, really. It can’t be that bad?!

I have since changed my identity and have started pursuing the lucritive internet business. How can YOU benefit from my business blunder? There is currently a huge overstock of beanbag chairs on Taobao and they are selling for low, low prices!

Beanbag Chairs – 50rmb to 300rmb

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