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Want a Healthy Brain? Just Massage It

How can you massage the brain?

You are right to be suspicious. Your brain is covered in a protective shell. That’s nature’s way of saying “no massage here, please.” 

But scientists laugh in the face of nature

There is a very clever way to massage the brain: just go through the eyes.


I know what you’re thinking: that massive cord should not go to my eyes. That is danger. Don’t worry – I am pretty sure that the cord is filled with air. This is an air massager, not a full-on vibrating massager. It has a heat function too. 

Not only for the Brain

While the lead feature is ‘Brain Health’, this is a full head-relaxation system. Your eyes will also enjoy this air massage, and you will probably look better too. This one is probably best used if you are going to do some Jedi training. Wear this as a blindfold, and have a friend throw tennis balls to you.


The Eye/Brain Massager – 140rmb

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