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Waboba – The Awesome Ball that Bounces on Water

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Tennis Balls Lost their Mojo

When I was a kid, the tennis ball was my ubertoy. Besides being an ideal baseball substitute, me and my friends used it for all kinds of made up games, which were usually just excuses to chuck the ball at each other.

It seemed like the tennis ball could do anything. But once we brought it into the swimming pool, it lost all its mojo. The soft water surface, which begged for us to jump and splash and attempt spectacular diving catches, also stubbornly refused to let the ball bounce as it did on land. So instead of jumping and splashing, these games were all about walking slowly through the water to pick the ball up where it had stopped short.


It took a Swedish design mastermind to come up with the answer: a high-performance sport ball that bounces on water. And it’s not like it kinda bounces on water. It really bounces on water. The Waboba Ball has taken the game I always wanted to play as a kid and made it possible.

Now there are 2 versions of the Waboba Ball. The Waboba Blast is larger, lighter and slower for easy-breezy games. And the Waboba Extreme is the performance version, which bounces farther and faster for more heated competition. If you’re like me and want to go for spectacular diving catches, go for the Extreme.


Sanya Bounce

The folks at Waboba have bounced all the way to here to China and have planted their flag in sunny Sanya. Head over to their website, Sanya Bounce, and you will not only catch some sweet movies of the Waboba ball in action, but also a ton of excellent, unbiased advice on how to get your Sanya on right.

This thing is perfect for the beach, and should be an essential part of your vacation kit. Pick up a Waboba Ball today so you have it handy on your next tropical outing.


The Waboba Ball on Taobao (via Sanya Bounce) – 60rmb


  • Wally said:

    The Waboba ball is, in my opinion, sort of overrated. Yeah, the fact that it bounces on water is quite amazing. But I hate how the videos show the ball as something that’s easy and fun to play with. Because it’s really not. I bought myself a Waboba, and it’s hard to catch, it bounces out of control, and I spent most of the time chasing it on water. It requires too much patience and practice.

  • Ogre said:

    I agree with Wally. I also find that the Waboba speeds up when you throw it, and it accelerates as it bounces off water. When it hits you, it really hurts!

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