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VPNinja: the Best VPN in the Universe

TFG: Endorses VPNinja

Being Internet super-users, we at TFG know a thing or two about VPNs. We have tested them all, but never really got that special tingly feeling until we found VPNinja. We LOVE VPNinja and so will you.

Double Connections for Maximum Agility

When it comes to features and speed, VPNinja checks all our boxes. But the real killer is their unique dual-connection support which allows one account to have two VPN connections at once.
That flexibility stretches a long way. I share my account with my roommate and my girlfriend, and each of us has it on our PCs and our smartphones. Our one account covers three people and six devices, and we never experience a problem logging in when we need to.

Six devices for $6 per month

Not only is VPNinja the best VPN service in the universe, it is also the cheapest. Impossible but true. Their monthly rate is $6 per month, and the yearly rate is only $58.

Has that incredible fact blown your mind yet? Allow me to double-blow it. Sign up with the promo code TFG (as in Taobao Field Guide) and you will get an extra 10% discount.

VPNinja– (don’t forget promo code TFG !!)


  • Fredo said:

    Sounds sweet, how fast is it compared to witopia?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    “Customer did a speed test and we’re 10x faster than witopia on d/l speeds. ;)”~VPNinja. i have found It to be amazingly fast.

  • Anonymous said:

    Too bad this discount code has expired.

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