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VPN-Ready Router Lets You Share the Love

Going Multi-Device

Back when I only had one computer, one VPN access point was fine. But now that I have two computers, a PS3, and a wifi-ready Android phone. Applying the VPN to the latter two, in particular, has become a sisyphean ordeal. I need an easier way to share the VPN love.

belkin wireless enhanced router

Here’s the answer

The Belkin Enhanced Wireless Router is a home networking ninja, which will take your VPN login info and keep you connected. This tip comes courtesy of my amigos at weird shanghai (I think you’ll need a VPN to see it).

It’s called Passthrough

Not sure if this works for all VPN services. So check with your provider if they support ‘VPN passthrough’ before buying the router.  For example here is how you would set it up for Witopia.

VPNs and Taobao Access

One word of warning: VPNs can mess with your Taobao access. If Taobao thinks you are signing in from overseas, they may freeze your account. Just give them a call and tell them that you have the VPN, and they will chill out.  Taobao Service Number: 0571-88157858

Belkin Enhanced Wireless Router – 285rmb


  • MyBeijingLife said:

    Any word on the actual VPN interface on the router? With what services is it compatible?

    Do you know if I can configure the router to take my WiTopia credentials?
    Also, since WiTopia lets you connect into almost two dozen networks, can you choose which configuration you want from a computer on your network? Or does the router choose for you.

    This sounds great – thanks for the advice!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    You are probably going to need to hack all IP addresses simultaneously. In short, I am not so sure. Maybe a good topic for mybeijinglife.com? =)

    PS: your site is down at the moment, it seems. I think you need to hack your IP addresses. Simultaneously.

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