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Support the Field Guide with this Search Box

The Field Guide loves you

But our love is conditional. VERY conditional. If you use this cool search box, we will love you lots. If you don’t we will love you a medium (or maybe even medium-low!) amount. But still a little.

If you use this Taobao search box, everytime you buy something we get a little support from Taobao. This is the only way we monetize you, our Taobao adventurers in China. So please make it your main way to search Taobao!


You can also take this search with you as a bookmarklet:

1. Drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Taobao
2. Click it to quickly search Taobao from any website, anywhere, anytime. It’s awesome.


What is it?

You might know about bookmarklets. Tiny helpers that live in your bookmarks, ready to jump into action. They are little life-changers. And it’s no cost to you. You get fast and cool Taobao search, with a translation booster. We get a little reward from Jack Ma, which we put right back into buying awesome stuff! =)


From any website

It appears like magic

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  • Anne said:

    The least we can do for all the help you’ve been! Thanks TFG :)!

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