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Upgrade Your Indoor Slippers

Be prepared!

When the inevitable zombie apocylapse arrives, you can be sure that you’ll get chased from your home in your robe and slippers. So make sure that your slippers are up to task with a few tactical upgrades.


For Summer

Coqui flip-flops with massaging soles should be your top choice. These clever little slippers are covered with deep dimples that probably give you a full-body-quality massage through your pediatric pressure points. Probably. In any event, they are pretty damn comfortable and let your feet breathe from below.


And for Winter

Trust the fleece lining and rubber insulation of these puppies. They’ll keep your feet warm and give your better traction so you can stay nimble. Stock up on these for visitors. That way everyone knows that you mean business. There are plenty of cheap fake ones being sold in China, but the good ones have better bounce to them, and end up being well worth the extra expense. Go here for the expensive ones.

Household shoes – 居家鞋

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