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Up Your Zhongwen: A Chinese Vocabulary Notebook

Zhongwen gets easier

Learning Chinese is not always easy. It helps when you like your tools. And this neat little book is perfect for helping you get your learn on. I wish I had this one when I started learning back at ECNU in Shanghai. But I’m glad I have it now anyways. 


Custom made for learning language

This one is custom made for studying new words. It comes with little plastic cards that blocks the answer, so you can test yourself. Sections are divided by color to help texturize and contextualize your vocab.

Makes a cute little gift

This notebook has a delightful Korean design and makes a very cute little package. It makes a great gift for anyone who is learning language. And who do you know who isn’t learning either Chinese or English? Buy a handful and hang onto them for your next unexpected birthday party. 


A Chinese vocabulary notebook – 34rmb


  • Anonymous said:

    can’t find them anymore! can you update your link please??? i would love to get one!!!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Our links always break! >=[

    Here you go. =D

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