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Time to Get Fit, Taobao Style

I’m still fat

I am the subject of an increasing number of belly pokes recently. Friends, colleagues, and girlfriend laobanniang all seem to think it is funny to point out my fatness. What’s worse, my recent attempts to lose weight via peculiar Chinese products has flat-out failed.

American-style weightloss

My fellow Americanos may not be the fittest bunch, but we do have some advanced fitness products. I have heard some great things about P90X, a 12-DVD set that promises to get you into Terminator-fighting shape.

p90x set

Look at that! Awesome!

P90X Equipment

To be able to fully take advantage of the P90X system, I need to get some stuff from Taobao.

Since the program is done at home, the user needs to have dumbbells (usually 15s, 20s, and 25s) and a pull-up bar, or else a resistance band, for strength training exercises, along with a sturdy chair. Optional equipment includes a yoga mat for the abdominal and yoga portions, push-up handles … and a heart rate monitor for the cardio workouts.

I am going to get the stuff in bold, skipping the weights in favor of resistance bands.

Pull-up bar

Just hook this one on the door frame and presto! Another place to hang clothes!

Pull-up bar – 43rmb

chin up bar

Resistance band set

These glorified rubber bands cost a bit, but go for ones that look capable so you don’t lose an eye doing your curls.

Resistance band set – 70-100rmb

resistance bands taobao

Yoga Mat

The yoga mat market seems to be unfairly directed towards women. Modern men need these ones too. They suggest a thick one to maintain tail bone comfort.

Yoga mat – 230rmb

yoga mat women

Push-up handles

You can get traditional I-shaped ones, or if you prefer your push-ups more perfect, try the rotating versions. Same price.

Push-up handles – 20rmb

push up bars taobao push up bars rotating taobao

Heart-rate monitor

I expected these to be cheaper on Taobao. For a heart rate monitor that straps to your wrist, expect to pay at least 100rmb. There are finger spot-check models for cheaper, but I am serious about my fitness.

Heart-rate monitor – from 138rmb

heart rate monitor

Total cost

All-in we spent about 500rmb on all this stuff. Plus some shipping, which we mitigated by buying some of the things together form the same Taobao Sellers. That is quite a price to pay – but anything to avoid those pesky belly-pokes.


  • tbone said:

    Where did you find the P90X box set?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Little brother provided them for me on a recent trip back to the US. He has already bulked up to massive proportions! It is available on Taobao too, however.

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