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The Porter 819 Advanced Keychain Wallet

The struggle against keys

Mankind has almost won its war against metal keys. Flat, pocket-friendly cards now grant me access to my apartment and office. And with the multi-use jiaotong transit card, we have even replaced car keys. Today, I have only one necessary key in my life – the key to my front door.

What do we do with this last key?

Until we upgrade our apartments to hotel-style key locks, we will have to live with this uncomfortable hunk of metal in our pockets. But we can take this key and put it where the rest of our old keys have gone: our wallet.

One tight package

The Porter 819 wallet. This wallet has room for all your cards and money, and a keychain built right into it.

Japanese fashion takes us to the future

Porter, a Japanese brand, is certified practical man-fashion. Like so many things in Japan it is ahead of its time and made for the good of all man.

Porter 819 Wallet – 35 – 50rmb

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