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The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Your Chinese Girlfriend

Let’s Get Romantic

I was looking around Taobao when I noticed a big button that said Valentine’s Day 情人节.valentines-on-taobao

Damn! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Gotta find a present quick! So I clicked on the link and browsed through Taobao’s suggested romantic gifts. Then I saw the heading 给她一个特别的情人节 

‘Make their Valentine’s Day special.’ 

Perfect! It just so happens that is exactly what I want to do…

But I have no idea what a Chinese girl would want. So I checked out their suggestions. I don’t pretend to always understand Chinese culture. Sometimes things seem weird to me, but I just go with the flow. So while this doesn’t seem to me like a good Valentine’s gift, Taobao suggests it. And I trust Taobao. 

Taobao’s Romantic Gift Suggestion: The Bread Pen


I had no idea. But appearantly croissant- and pizza-shaped pens are what girls really want. It’s funny. Girls never tell you what they want directly. Well, now we know. Surprise her with this, and she’ll know it was meant to be. 

Bread pen – 面包笔

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