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The Moderate: A Cheap but Manly Laptop

Not for Woman

The Fujitsu Siemens T5450 is not a particularly attractive laptop, but it is well proportioned with plenty of power. Notable here is the hard drive, which offers 250gb of storage. That’s big enough to store some massive MP3 or jpg collections. Overall the specs seem real strong. Good for man. 

The ‘Shut Up You Noisy Fan’ Button

This model has an interesting button dedicated to controlling the on-board fan. This doesn’t turn the fan off, but rather realigns the CPU settings and initiates ‘software cooling.’ That will help keep the computer quiet and preserve the battery. Not too sure what all that’s about, but I love extra buttons.


At the time of writing, the Seller had sold 36 of these within the last 30 days and had a garden of good-feedback flowers to show for it.

A Fujitsu Siemens Laptop – 3000rmb


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