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The Diaoyu Islands Dispute Hits Taobao

Diaoyu Islands: Support the homeland, don’t give up an inch of land

The Diaoyu Controversy

The dispute over the Diaoyu Islands is hot topic all over China, and that’s true on Taobao too. The keyword 钓鱼岛 is attached to more than 26,000 product listings, including Tshirts and other products with pro-China slogans, as well as unrelated products posted by sellers who want to show their support or just catch a trending keyword.

Protect your Japanese-made products with pro-China stickers

In this now-famous image, the owner of this Toyota is protecting it from street retribution with stickers that support China. This small Taobao seller’s entire shop is now dedicated to these kinds of bumper stickers, and uses this Toyota image as a product photo to demonstrate their proper use. Some product listings look more like news reports, with images of anti-Japan events.

My car is Japanese, but my heart is Chinese

Pro-China Diaoyu Island Products – from 5rmb

Or if you want a more mild way to show support for China, you can check our earlier post about Chinese flags.


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